Winter Views

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Salt Lake City - Winter 2004Salt Lake City - Winter 2004 (00/00/2004) 2004 included several record (and back) breaking winter storms.

Winter 2004Winter 2004 (00/00/2004) 2004 was a rather severe weather year for Salt Lake.

Shrub OakShrub Oak (00/00/2004) A shrub oak bearing its load under the weight of a Utah snow.

Neff Canyon WintersceneNeff Canyon Winterscene (02/01/2007) Neff Canyon in the Winter.

Snowball TreeSnowball Tree (04/15/2009) The wet snow formed snowballs on the blossoms of Apricot trees.

Millcreek in the SpringMillcreek in the Spring (04/15/2009) A tree-lined street in Millcreek Township after a dusting of Spring Snow.

Winter in SpringWinter in Spring (04/15/2009) A winter street scene in Millcreek Township in late April.

1-7 Pictures


This gallery shows winter scenes from the Mountain West.

Context: Nature

Snowy Scenes (32 pictures) Pictures involving snow.


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