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Window Blind ArtsWindow Blind Arts (06/09/2001) I slept under this plant. Every morning I would be treated by the light through the blinds playing on the leaves.

Native VegetationNative Vegetation (10/20/2005) Some of the native vegetation growing along the trail (scratch, scratch). I've seen this three leaf pattern before (itch, itch).

HorsetailHorsetail (06/20/2006) Horsetail growing along the Weber River.

MullenMullen (06/20/2006) The Mullen Rosette growing in the Ledgefork Campground.

Albino PlantAlbino Plant (06/15/2006) An identified albion plant growing along the Elbow Fork Trail in the Wasatch Mountains.

Hanging GardenHanging Garden (06/06/2006) A hanging garden clings to a small spring in Slate Canyon.

Terraces-Elbow Fork TrailTerraces-Elbow Fork Trail (06/15/2006) Ground cover on the terraces elbow fork Trail.

Tree in a CrackTree in a Crack (05/07/2016) A tree growing in a crack.

1-8 Pictures

A plant doesn't have to be in bloom to be beautiful. This will be a gallery of pictures of plants. As my camera does not take plant pictures well, expect it to be sparse until I get the right set up.

Context: Nature

Wildflowers (123 pictures) This page has a large selection of wildflowers from the Mountain West.

Flower Power (136 pictures) Flowers are the reproductive system for many plants. Often you can identify plants by the flower.

Trees (25 pictures) Where does the line of bushes end and trees begin? This gallery will features pictures of different trees.


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