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April FlowersApril Flowers (04/16/2015) I took some photos of Spring blossoms here in Sunny Salt Lake City.

Spring BlossomsSpring Blossoms (04/17/2015) Some beautiful Spring Blossoms photographed on Tax Day 2015.

Pillowy Soft SnowPillowy Soft Snow (02/16/2013) We have pillowy soft snow in Utah. Want proof? Well, here is a pillow sitting in the snow.

Pile of SnowPile of Snow (01/21/2008) This is the pile of snow at the folk's house. It measures just about 6'.

Snow RingsSnow Rings (03/23/2008) We had a number of heavy snows this winter. You can see the layers in the snow.

Snow!Snow! (01/18/2001) This pile of Snow is about two girls high

Snow on BranchesSnow on Branches (01/18/2001)

Snow DaySnow Day (01/18/2001) Looking toward Neff Canyon

Snow MushroomSnow Mushroom (01/21/2008) Snow piled on a bird bath.

Oak TreeOak Tree (01/21/2008) A little piece of the oak tree that I am carefully nurturing sticks out of the snow. I hope it survives the winter.

Utah WriterUtah Writer (01/21/2008) A Utah writer in a fancy furry hat, scarf and gloves. Click to find out what the person wrote.

Snow Ball TreeSnow Ball Tree (04/15/2009) Snow covers the early spring apricot blossoms.

Snowball TreeSnowball Tree (04/15/2009) A snow storm hits while the apricot trees bloom creating a snowball tree ... such is Spring in Utah.

Snowball TreeSnowball Tree (04/15/2009) The wet snow formed snowballs on the blossoms of Apricot trees.

Snow on OakSnow on Oak (04/15/2009) Snow on the moss covered trunk of an oak tree.

Snow on RocksSnow on Rocks (01/02/2010) Snow on rocks in Neff Canyon

Snow GuageSnow Guage (11/28/2010) A bird bath makes for an excellent snow guage. Salt Lake City had substantial snow in November.

Snow Covered Patio FurnitureSnow Covered Patio Furniture (11/28/2010) Ooops, I got busy on the election and forgot to take in the patio furniture before the snow.

Snow GuageSnow Guage (12/21/2010) The bird bath snow guage melts in intersting ringed patterns.

Snow TrunksSnow Trunks (12/21/2010) Snow brings out the pattern of the bark in this double trunked pine tree.

October 6th, 2011October 6th, 2011 (10/06/2011) My neighbor shoveling snow on October 6, 2011. He should wait until the storm is over.

One Dog DeepOne Dog Deep (01/11/2013) The snow appears to be about one dog deep.

SnowblowerSnowblower (01/11/2013) The neighbors have a loud snowblower.

Snow ShovelingSnow Shoveling (01/11/2013) Granny is out shoveling snow in January 2013.

Snow TrailSnow Trail (10/27/2010) A snow covered trail through the trees.

Fall Leaves on SnowFall Leaves on Snow (10/27/2010) Fall Leaves on the snow in Neff's Canyon

Snow on FenceSnow on Fence (04/02/2014) We had another Spring snow on April 7th. My neighbor's downed fence makes a good snow gauge.

Downed FenceDowned Fence (04/01/2014) For April Fools, nature took down our neighbor's fence.

Another Snowy Day in SLCAnother Snowy Day in SLC (04/02/2014) April 2nd was another snowy day. The clouds broke long enough to get a picture of the neighbor's downed fence. This fence makes a great snow gauge.

Pile It OnPile It On (01/25/2017) My tumblr blog is crossing the 2000 post mile stone; So, I decided to celebrate by taking a picture of the snow pile by the driveway. The fence is 7' tall. The snow pile is about 8'. Notice how wide it is. It was larger in December, but melted.

1-30 Pictures

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