3300 South Bridge

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Wasatch BouldevardWasatch Bouldevard (08/22/2008) This officer directed people away from the safe sidewalk onto an extremely dangerous side road that was being used as a detour for Wasathc Boulevard during the 3300 South bridge moving project.

3300 South Bridge3300 South Bridge (08/22/2008) The 3300 South Bridge was constructed in an open area at 3900 South and is now taking a mile ride to its placement.

Making the ReliefsMaking the Reliefs (06/16/2008) This picture shows the construction of the relief images for under the 3300 South Bridge. They've started doing this stuff on all major highway projects. The upper road is Wasatch Drive, the lower road I215. The picture is at the end of shift.

Relief ProcessRelief Process (06/16/2008) The relief images are created from cut pieces of styrofoam built into the concrete form. When they remove the form, they have a simple relief image. I understand they design the pictures on a computer then get the measurements for the enlarged picture.

Design WorkDesign Work (06/16/2008) Workers are making the molds for the concrete design on the 3300 South Bridge.

Construction WorkersConstruction Workers (08/22/2008) You can tell the construction workers by the yellow hats. I understand that they use the little ones to crawl between the wheels to grease the wheels. Fortunately, there are no child labor laws in Utah.

The Art of Foot DraggingThe Art of Foot Dragging (08/22/2008) This picture shows the art of foot dragging in its highest form.

A Well Supervised OperationA Well Supervised Operation (08/22/2008) Several layers of supervision helped keep the bridge moving project running smoothly.

Bridge MoverBridge Mover (08/22/2008) This umpteen wheeled unit help move the 3300 South bridge on its mile journey from where it was built to where it will be placed.

Rear WheelsRear Wheels (08/22/2008) This is the back set of wheels on the bridge mover.

Towering BridgeTowering Bridge (08/22/2008) Photographers and construction workers observe the bridge moving process.

Balancing a BridgeBalancing a Bridge (08/22/2008) A new bridge heading to installation at 3300 South.

Bridge MovingBridge Moving (08/22/2008) The bridge slowly makes a path down Wasatch Boulevard.

Wide LoadWide Load (08/22/2008) The 3300 South bridge takes up all four lanes of Wasatch Boulevard as it moves toward its home. I guess it is not surprising that a four lane bridge would fill a four lane road.

BarbacoaBarbacoa (08/22/2008) Barbacoa (formerly La Salsa) is a fast food joint in the Olympus Hills Mall along Wasatch boulevard.

Construction InnovationConstruction Innovation (08/22/2008) The Bridge takes a ride along Wasatch Boulevard.

Viewing StandsViewing Stands (08/22/2008) Viewing stands and media out for a bridge moving project.

Bridge PathBridge Path (08/22/2008) As I understand, the bridge will drive to this location. At midnight they will close I215. Finish the removal of the old bridge, then drive the new bridge across this ramp, onto the freeway and into place. The freeway will be opened on Monday.

We Need a Taller PollWe Need a Taller Poll (08/22/2008) The Rocky Mountain Power Crew are installing higher telephone poles to make make room for the bridge.

Bridge DestructionBridge Destruction (08/22/2008) Crews remove the pavement from the old 3300 South Bridge in anticipation of its final destruction.

33 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-33

3300 South Bridge Moving Project

This gallery shows images from the construction of the 3300 South Bridge. This bridge crosses I215 near the mouth of Parley's Canyon.

The bridge was constructed over a mile away from its final destination. To install the bridge, workers drove the new bridge along Wasatch Boulevard. They created a special on ramp between Wasatch Boulevard and I215.

As I understand, the plan is to close the freeway on Friday Night. Install the bridge on Saturday and have the freeway back up and running for the Monday morning rush hour traffic.

The Mill Creek Township (East) Map shows the intersection of 3300 South and I215.

Context: Constructions

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