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Sugarhouse PlaygroundSugarhouse Playground (10/25/2013) A playground on the South side of Sugarhouse Park matches the Fall colors.

Fun SlidesFun Slides (06/16/2012) This playground equipment is located at Canyon Rim Park in Mill Creek Township.

Climbing Wall and SlideClimbing Wall and Slide (06/16/2012) A climbing wall and fun slide were main attractions at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

Futuristic Playground EquipmentFuturistic Playground Equipment (03/01/2013) The park department added some futuristic playground equipment to Evergreen Park during the community center upgrade.

Evergreen PlaygroundEvergreen Playground (03/01/2013) The Evergreen Playground equipment in the snow. (So much for the name. The park didn't stay forever green in 2012).

Safety Teeter TotterSafety Teeter Totter (03/01/2013) Parks have been removing Teeter-Totters due to liability exposure. My guess is that this spring loaded contraption is the modern replacement. The thing in the background is a really cool pumpkin carriage. I like the pumpkin.

Sugarhouse PlaygroundSugarhouse Playground (02/16/2013) A snow covered playground in Sugarhouse Park.

Park PlaygroundPark Playground (07/24/2007) A playground in Salt Lake's Liberty Park.

Tower SlideTower Slide (07/24/2007) A tower slide in Salt Lake's Liberty Park.

Splash ParkSplash Park (07/24/2007) Oh no! The fire hydrant at the Liberty Park splash park appears to have sprouted a leak. Someone should fix that ... when it gets cooler.

New Playground EquipmentNew Playground Equipment (06/16/2007) Newer style playground equipment at Lindsey Garden.

PlaygroundPlayground (09/02/2004) Playground at Tanner Park in Salt Lake City.

Expedition Park PlaygroundExpedition Park Playground (05/26/2007) The playground in Green River Expedition Park has a fun dinosaur theme.

Magna Copper Park TrainMagna Copper Park Train (03/11/2006) This is a super cool playground at Magna's Copper Park.

Fort PlaygroundFort Playground (12/15/2004) A playground/fort in Denver City Park.

Fort PlaygroundFort Playground (12/15/2004) A fun wooden playground in Denver City Park.

Fort PlaygroundFort Playground (12/14/2004) A playground in Denver City Park.

Fort PlaygroundFort Playground (12/14/2004) A playground in Denver City Park.

Wicked SlideWicked Slide (02/25/2006) This is a wicked looking slide in Heber City Park.

Playground EquipmentPlayground Equipment (03/11/2006) One of the playgrounds in Magna Park.

45 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-45

Playground Equipment

The playgrounds of my youth involve towering rusted steel monolyths posing as slides, toe crushing seesaws, rusted steel girders welded together into jungle gyms, and swings designed to hurl kids into the stratosphere.

In the 70s and 80s, lawyers discovered that there was big money to be made suing communities into submission over their playgrounds.

The playgrounds of my youth were systematically torn down. Today we see a new breed of playgrounds designed by professional playground manufacturing companies. The designs are made to appease liability concerns. They lack the great height and moving parts that might schrunch hands. Many of the playgrounds are designed around themes such as trains, forts or undersea worlds.

Anyway, as I photograph towns of the Mountain West, I thought I would aim the camera at different playgrounds.

Many of these pictures were taken on Saturdays and Sundays in the summer. Sadly, many use playgrounds suffer a conspicuous lack of children. Perhaps they are home playing with the many Toys and Games on the market.

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