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Drummond Train StationDrummond Train Station (10/25/2007) This is bound to cause confusion to commuters, but the Drummond train station was relocated to the Fort Missoula museum.

LocomotiveLocomotive (10/25/2007) This Shay Type Gear-Driven Locomotive was built by Willamette Iron and Steel Works in 1923.

Train on DisplayTrain on Display (10/25/2007) A steam engine on display at Fort Missoula.

Train 104Train 104 (04/30/2008) The new FrontRunner Trains were put into service on April 26, 2008.

The FrontRunnerThe FrontRunner (04/30/2008) The FrontRunner is a new double decker commuter rail that serves Salt Lake City and Ogden.

Railroad EquipmentRailroad Equipment (04/30/2008) There's been major advances in railroad construction techniques in recent decades.

Rawlins DepotRawlins Depot (05/25/2007) A rainbow spans the train Depot in Rawlins, Wyoming.

CabooseCaboose (03/07/2002) This caboose appears to be part of the collection of artifacts going into the new Pendleton museum of history.

Rio GrandeRio Grande (05/15/2007) The Rio Grande Depo is now home to the historical society.

Rio Grand DepotRio Grand Depot (05/15/2007) This is the Rio Grande Depot is Salt Lake City.

CabooseCaboose (05/25/2007) A Caboose on display in the central park at Sinclair, Wyoming.

Rawlins Train DepotRawlins Train Depot (05/25/2007) The Rawlins Train Depot during a storm.

Green River Railroad StationGreen River Railroad Station (05/26/2007) The Green River Railway station viewed from the pedestrian bridge.

Maintenance YardMaintenance Yard (05/26/2007) The railroad maintenance yard viewed from the pedestrian bridge in Green River, Wyoming.

Green River DepotGreen River Depot (05/26/2007) The Green River Railroad depot faces a massive railroad yard.

Engine 9439Engine 9439 (05/26/2007) Engine 9439 waits its next run at the Green River depot.

Green River StationGreen River Station (05/26/2007) The pedestrian bridge has a wonderful view of the Green River Station and surrounding landscape.

CabooseCaboose (05/26/2007) A caboose adds flavor to Expedition Park in Green River, Wyoming.

Catch the Vision TrolleyCatch the Vision Trolley (07/21/2009) The catch the vision trolley carries the parade royalty.

Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks (02/20/2011) The railroad yards on the south side of Phoenix viewed from 7th street.

Train TracksTrain Tracks (10/24/2011) The Train Tracks running to the Weat of Noah's in South Jordan.

1-21 Pictures

Train Depots

The United States has a proud railroading tradition. The train depot sits at the center of many towns. Although, people prefer to fly or drive these days, the old railroad depot still holds a place in our hearts. This section of galleries shows pictures of railroad depots and trains.

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Gateway Plaza - Salt Lake City (118 pictures) The Gateway Plaza in Salt Lake City was built around the old Union Pacific Depot.


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