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Bridge over the SpillwayBridge over the Spillway (03/12/2011) The old u93 bridge over the Hoover Dam Spillway makes for an interesting study in concrete.

Polson BridgePolson Bridge (10/25/2007) This long bridge on US93 spans a cove of Flathead Lake at Polson, Montana.

US93 Bypass BridgeUS93 Bypass Bridge (03/12/2011) There is a little bit of elevation to this bridge spanning the Black Canyon of the Colorado at Hoover Dam.

Wooden Foot BridgeWooden Foot Bridge (06/06/2010) A wooden foot bridge crosses Big Cottonwood Creek.

Rickety BridgeRickety Bridge (05/01/2010) A rickety bridge by a riverside house.

Crossing the BridgeCrossing the Bridge (05/01/2010) Crossing a rickety bridge.

Rickety BridgeRickety Bridge (05/01/2010) A rickety bridge by the Salmon River. The stream is a channel off the main river.

Old SlatsOld Slats (05/01/2010) Old slats in a wooden bridge.

Bitterroot RiverBitterroot River (10/25/2007) Highway 93 crosses the Bitterroot River between Lolo and Missoula, Montana.

New BridgeNew Bridge (06/02/2002) This new bridge for the North Fork of the Salmon River was built during the recently completed reconstruction of highway 93. I admit, I like the extra attention to detail.

Hamilton BridgeHamilton Bridge (06/03/2002) The Hamilton Bridge on the North Side of Town over the Bitterroot River. Like too many towns, Hamilton does not take advantage of its river front property. This is one of the few places where visitors get to see the river.

New BridgeNew Bridge (10/15/2005) The New Bridge from the Dewey Bridge.

Dewey BridgeDewey Bridge (10/15/2005) The Dewey Bridge is a single lane suspension bridge across the Colorado River. The bridge is still part of the Kokopeli Bike Trail.

Dewey BridgeDewey Bridge (10/15/2005) The Dewey Bridge Crosses the Colorado River in Eastern Utah.

Twin Falls BridgeTwin Falls Bridge (03/10/2002) The walk way to the Twin Falls Bridge overview

San Rafel Bridge near Buckhorn WashSan Rafel Bridge near Buckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Although it is middle September there is flowing water in the river.

Stoddard Trail BridgeStoddard Trail Bridge (06/01/2002) One of the popular accesses to the Frank Church Wilderness area.

Colorado River at MoabColorado River at Moab (09/28/2004) Highway 191 Crosses the Colorado River near Moab.

Rockport State Park BridgeRockport State Park Bridge (06/20/2006) The bridge over the Weber River to Rockport State Park is starting to show its age.

Big Cottonwood Canyon BridgeBig Cottonwood Canyon Bridge (06/08/2006) This picture from near Storm Mountain shows Big Cottonwood Creek and the new bridge. The canyon road has a steep grade from Salt Lake City to the ski areas in the Wasatch.

35 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-35


Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Bridge Over Troubled Water, I will collapse if the water gets too troubled.

This page shows pictures of interesting bridges I find in my wanderings. Bridges lend themselves well to photography. Bridges span rivers, lakes, gorges and roads. With the ever growing US freeway system, we even see bridges spanning bridges. You will find bridges everywhere; So, this will be one of those weird cross relational galleries that bounces back and forth through the other galleries.

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Salmon River Bridge (37 pictures) A series of photos of the Salmon River Bridge in Salmon, Idaho

Objects of Interest (63 pictures) A bridge is an object.

Dewey Bridge (19 pictures) The Dewey Bridge was built in 1916. This remote bridge crosses the Colorado River in Eastern Utah.

4500 South Bridge (57 pictures) Pictures of the Bridge Construction at 4500 South in Salt Lake City in October 2007.


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