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Rattle Snake SignRattle Snake Sign (06/20/2001) Rattle snakes like to slink around in the grass, and you might step on one.

Enter SignEnter Sign (02/22/2001) I don't know which fared worse, the sign or the tree. It is dangerous to walk the sidewalks of Salt Lake City.

Enter SignEnter Sign (02/22/2001) I don't know which fared worse, the sign or the tree. It is dangerous to walk the sidewalks of Salt Lake City.

Don t Dump on UtahDon t Dump on Utah (04/30/2003) A Don't Dump on Utah sign cluttering a stream bed in Salt Lake.

One WayOne Way (05/16/2002)

Short Term ParkingShort Term Parking (08/15/2004) The sign says short term parking. I hate to break the news, but this train's been parked here for more than a short term.

TrailTrail (03/31/2006) If you ever wanted to have a picture of a sign saying trail ... well, here is one.

No Dogs!!!No Dogs!!! (06/15/2006) Coco is distraught. She can't believe what the signs say. No Dogs in Lambs Canyon! This can't be! Why wouldn't they let dogs in Lambs Canyon? The sign says watershed. Coco likes to play in water and she sheds, she would enjoy being in the canyon!

I Love All My MomsI Love All My Moms (08/19/2006) A sign on display at the FLDS Childrens' Rally.

Infinite MindInfinite Mind (06/08/2006) This sign is at a private lot in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Infinite Mind - No TrespassingInfinite Mind - No Trespassing (06/08/2006) This combination of signs sums up transfinite theory. This is a theory where elitists claim to be able to see infinity, they then use their theory to shut themselves in their own little tower separated from the universe.

Winding RoadWinding Road (04/25/2002) I liked this curve sign marked by the depth of a storm over the Salmon Mountains.

Target on the CapitolTarget on the Capitol (04/04/2002) A billboard blocks the view of the capitol building

Lost Dog - StellaLost Dog - Stella (06/06/2010) When I saw this sign, I had an image of a person running around the neighborhood yelling: \`STELLA!\` PS, I removed the phone number from the image.

Caution High WaterCaution High Water (02/16/2013) An impressively large sign next to Parleys Creek warns of high water ... making me wonder what the creek\'s been smoking. (Uh, the water level was high a few years back)

Free VacuumFree Vacuum (05/25/2013) A business offers "free vacuums" causing all sorts of metaphysical thoughts. A vacuum is the absence of air. It is nothing. Charging for a vacuum would be the same as charging for nothing.

No, the Other RightNo, the Other Right (08/25/2013) Turn right at the corner. The other right.

Mercury and SolarMercury and Solar (08/25/2013) A sign at the intersection of Mercury and Solar;

Comet Circle and SolarComet Circle and Solar (08/25/2013) This is the intersection of Comet Circle and Solar with Mount Olympus in the background.

Comet Circle and SolarComet Circle and Solar (08/25/2013) I like the name of the intersection so much that I had to take a second shot of the street sign.

Morning Star and SolarMorning Star and Solar (08/25/2013) The sign for solar drive is having a tough time standing against the high desert sun.

Fire StandFire Stand (10/22/2017) Some put a lot of effort making the detailed instructions for this fire stand. I guess, if there is a fire, people in building "F" are out of luck. They should have studied harder.

1-22 Pictures


This gallery has pictures of signs. A few are humorous. Some are signs that I might use in web projects. At this moment, the gallery is small. Who knows. Some day, I might see a great sign and the gallery will grow.


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