1300 East Bridge

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700 South Bridge700 South Bridge (07/12/2008) Workers move the 700 South Bridge into place.

1300 East Bridge1300 East Bridge (03/07/2008) UDOT is rebuilding the 1300 Bridge over I80 in Sugarhouse.

1300 East Bridg1300 East Bridg (03/07/2008) UDOT is in the process of replacing this bridge on 1300 East in Sugarhouse.

Construction SiteConstruction Site (03/07/2008) In this new process, the highway department constructs the bridge on the side of the road. They close the freeway on the weekend and slide the bridge into place.

Building BridgesBuilding Bridges (03/07/2008) This picture shows the building of the new bridge to span I80 in Sugarhouse.

CraneCrane (03/07/2008) A crane in place at the 1300 South bridge construction.

New BridgeNew Bridge (03/07/2008) The new bridge is being assembled on the vacant land near the freeway ramps.

New BridgeNew Bridge (03/07/2008) This picture shows the construction of the new 1300 South Bridge with Grandeur Peak in the distance. The mountain is about 10 miles away. You can see the entrance to Parleys Canyon on the Left side of the picture.

Bridge SpansBridge Spans (03/07/2008) This shot captures both new bridge spans framed by Grandeur Peak.

Bridge SpansBridge Spans (03/07/2008) This shot shows the construction of the two new bridge spans for I80. You can see Grandeur Peak and the entrance to Parley's Canyon in the distance.

Bridge SpansBridge Spans (03/07/2008) This is the construction of the new 1300 East Bridge which will span I80 in Salt Lake City.

A Bridge to NowhereA Bridge to Nowhere (03/07/2008) The new I80 bridge sits atop shipping crates as it waits for installation.

Shifted LanesShifted Lanes (03/07/2008) UDOT shifted the lanes on the freeway for the 1300 South Bridge Construction.

Traffic MessTraffic Mess (03/07/2008) During construction, the highway department shifted both lanes of traffic onto the south side of the freeway. You can expect delays when you travel through Salt Lake during rush hour.

A Baby BridgeA Baby Bridge (03/07/2008) A baby bridge sits by the side of the freeway waiting for its turn to become part of the city grid. The crane is hovering over Mount Wire.

1300 East1300 East (03/07/2008) This is 1300 East headed into Sugarhouse.

On RampsOn Ramps (03/07/2008) They are building the new bridge between the on ramps.

1300 Bridge1300 Bridge (03/07/2008) This picture shows the construction of the new 1300 East Bridge spanning Interstate 80 in Sugarhouse.

Construction AreaConstruction Area (03/07/2008) This is the construction area for the 1300 South Bridge in Sugarhouse.

Mount WireMount Wire (03/07/2008) This picture shows the pond in Sugarhouse Park with Mount Wire in the distance.

Sugarhouse Office ComplexSugarhouse Office Complex (03/07/2008) There is a set of office complexes in Sugarhouse. Part of the red building is used by the DaVinci Virtual Office system. Click picture for details.

Olive GardenOlive Garden (03/07/2008) This is the back side of the Olive Garden restaurant in Sugarhouse.

Construction MaterialConstruction Material (03/07/2008) Construction material for the 1300 South bridge.

Heavy Equipment and AlcoholHeavy Equipment and Alcohol (04/14/2008) In Utah, the liquor stores are owned and operated by the State Government. In this pictures, heavy equipment is working on I80 behind the state liquor store. Heavy equipment and alcohol is a dangerous mix.

PylonsPylons (04/14/2008) The Westbound half of I80 appears to have disappeared.

700 East Bridge700 East Bridge (07/12/2008) Salt Lake is using a new construction technique where they build the bridge on the side of the road, then install it over the weekend.

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1300 East Bridge

This gallery shows the construction of the 1300 East Bridge spanning I80 in the Sugarhouse district of Salt Lake City.

The Construction is using a new Rapid Bridge Replacement technique. UDOT constructs the bridge on the side of the freeway then moves the bridge into place in a single weekend. This reduces the amount of freeway down time.

Context: Constructions

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Interstate 80 (98 pictures) The Bridge Spans Interstate 80.

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