Honeycomb Rocks

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Honeycomb CampgroundHoneycomb Campground (10/01/2006) A campsite at the Honeycomb Campground at the Enterprise Reservoir.

Honeycomb Rocks CampgroundHoneycomb Rocks Campground (10/01/2006) Campers amid the honeycomb rocks.

TuffTuff (10/01/2006) The white layer of Volcanic Tuff surrounding Enterprise Lakes adds a unique character to the area.

Volcanic TuffVolcanic Tuff (10/01/2006) Rock formations at the Honeycomb Rocks Campground.

Honeycomb RocksHoneycomb Rocks (10/01/2006) A vista of the Honeycomb Rocks Campground.

Campsite 12Campsite 12 (10/01/2006) Campsite 12 at the Honeycomb Rocks Campground.

Rock PilesRock Piles (10/01/2006) Piles of rock in the honeycomb rocks campground.

Honeycomb Rocks CampsiteHoneycomb Rocks Campsite (10/01/2006) This picture shows one of the upper campsites at Honeycomb Rocks.

Honeycomb Rocks CampgroundHoneycomb Rocks Campground (10/01/2006) This picture gives a good feel for the thickness of the volcanic tuff at Honeycomb Rocks.

Honeycomb Rocks CampsiteHoneycomb Rocks Campsite (10/01/2006) The eroding volcanic tuff at Honeycomb Rocks makes for a variety of unique campsites.

Upper Enterprise ReservoirUpper Enterprise Reservoir (10/01/2006) Rocks on the shore of Upper Enterprise Reservoir.

Campground EntranceCampground Entrance (10/01/2006) This picture shows the entrance to the Honeycomb Rocks Campground. The campground winds through the layer of grey rock.

Eroding TuffEroding Tuff (10/01/2006) A small wash has cleaned off a section of rock.

Boat RampBoat Ramp (10/01/2006) A recreation ethusiast leaves the boat ramp on the Upper Enterprise Reservoir. The Honeycomb Rock Campground is just a short walk from the boat ramp.

Upper CampgroundsUpper Campgrounds (10/01/2006) There is a small tent villiage on the Upper Sites of the Honeycomb Rocks Campground. This campground is best experienced in a tent, RVs ruin the mystique.

Campers at HoneycombCampers at Honeycomb (10/01/2006) A villiage of tents gathers at the Honeycomb Rocks Campground.

Honeycomb Rocks CampgroundHoneycomb Rocks Campground (10/01/2006) Notice the kid standing on top of the Honeycomb Rocks.

Group Picnic AreaGroup Picnic Area (10/01/2006) There is a nice group picnic area at the base of the Volcanic Tuff cliffs. You can reserve the area for your group meeting.

Tree Among the RocksTree Among the Rocks (10/01/2006) An interesting pile of shapes in the Honeycomb Rocks Campground in the Dixie National Forest.

Campsite 22Campsite 22 (10/01/2006) This picture shows campsite 22 at Honeycomb rocks.

Honeycomb Rocks RoadHoneycomb Rocks Road (10/01/2006) The campground trails winds through the Honeycomb Rocks Campground.

Campground FacilitiesCampground Facilities (10/01/2006) Honeycomb Rocks has the rustic facilities one would expect at a National Forest Campground.

Kings of the WorldKings of the World (10/01/2006) Two campers enjoy the view from the heights of the rocks.

Honeycomb Rocks CampgroundHoneycomb Rocks Campground (10/01/2006) A campsite framed by the volcanic tuffs of Honeycomb Rocks.

ShadeShade (10/01/2006) Shade is a precious commodity in the deserts of Southern Utah.

Campsite 12Campsite 12 (10/01/2006) This picture shows Campsite 12 at Honeycomb Rocks.

Volcanic TuffVolcanic Tuff (10/01/2006) There are exposed sections of Volcanic tuff outside the campground.

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Honeycomb Rocks Campground

The Honeycomb Rocks Campground is to the Southeast of the Enterprise Reservoir in Southern Utah. The campground is situated in an eroded layer of volcanic tuff. The campground has convenient access to both the upper and lower reservoir along with a fun selection of dirt roads for Mountain biking.

The campsites are dispersed through the rock formation. So you can camp in the shade of alcoves and crannies. This is a popular site for kids who love to scramble on rocks. It is not a good place for parents who have heart attacks when they see their kids scrambling on rocks.

The campground has 21 sites which are currently assigned on a first come first serve basis. The campground is administered by the Dixie National Forest.


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