Big Bend Campground

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Big BendBig Bend (10/15/2005) Big Bend Campground on the Colorado River.

Group AreaGroup Area (10/15/2005) A group camping / picnic area at Big Bend.

Trash BinTrash Bin (10/15/2005) Trash Bin at Big Bend. The sad truth is that people actually do manage to fill these things up.

Camp TablesCamp Tables (10/15/2005) Stone camp tables in the group camping area.

Camp TablesCamp Tables (10/15/2005) Stone tables in the group area.

Cooking GrateCooking Grate (10/15/2005) A cooking Grate in the camp area.

Camp TableCamp Table (10/15/2005) A camp table in the Big Bend Recreation area.

Camp TablesCamp Tables (10/15/2005) I took quite a few pictures of these delightful tables.

FacilitiesFacilities (10/15/2005) Facilities at Big Bend.

Big Bend in the ColoradoBig Bend in the Colorado (10/15/2005) The Colorado River at Big Bend Recreation site.

Debris SwirlDebris Swirl (10/15/2005) A swirl of debris in an eddie at Big Bend Recreation area.

Volleyball Anyone?Volleyball Anyone? (10/15/2005) Volleyball net at Big Bend.

Beach Volley BallBeach Volley Ball (10/15/2005) Beach Volley Ball nets at Big Bend.

Colorado River BeachColorado River Beach (10/15/2005) Big Bend displays one of the rare Colorado River beaches. The river used to be lined with wonderful beaches ... before the idiots planted the tamarisk. Anyway, you will want to stop at this site to see the beach.

Big Bend Recreation SiteBig Bend Recreation Site (10/15/2005) Looking up at a Tamarisk Tree and at the Wingate sandstone cliffs from the shores of the Colorado River.

Tamarisk ForestTamarisk Forest (10/15/2005) The Park Service clear a little bit a beach in the tamarisk jungle. I wonder, as the tamarisk gets larger, maybe some of the beach will come back.

FacilitiesFacilities (10/15/2005) Garbage container at Big Bend. I can remember when simple garbage cans used to suffice.

Camp HostCamp Host (10/15/2005) The site of the campground host at Big Bend.

Individual Camp SitesIndividual Camp Sites (10/15/2005) The individual campsites are among oak trees. They get more traditional park benches.

Big Bend CampgroundBig Bend Campground (10/15/2005) This is the road through the campground.

Big Bend Recreation SiteBig Bend Recreation Site (10/15/2005) Big Bend Recreation Site is along the Colorado River near Moab, Utah.

Colorado River - Big BendColorado River - Big Bend (10/15/2005) The Colorado River at Big Bend Recreation site.

Camping in StyleCamping in Style (10/15/2005) This guy seems to know how to camp in style.

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Big Bend Campground

This page includes pictures of Big Bend Campground on the Colorado River. This campground is round about 12 miles up river from Moab. The campground includes both group and individual camping sites. The area is popular. The campground is likely full on the weekend.

I like to stop at this campground as it has a small beach reminiscent of those that were on the Colorado River before the white man contaminated the Colorado River area with Tamarisk trees.

I hope that as the tamarisk trees age, that some of the beaches will return.

Context: Camping

Colorado River (96 pictures) Big Bend Recration Area is a campsite on the Colorado River.

Castle Valley (53 pictures) Castle Valley is a few miles East of Big Bend.

Moab, Utah (138 pictures) Moab is West (downriver) from Big Bend.

Arches National Park (151 pictures) Arches National Monument is on the other side of the river and over the big cliff. If you swam the river and scaled the cliff you would be in a National Park.

Granstaff Canyon (14 pictures) Negro Bill Canyon is a few miles downstream from Big Bend. It is a nice place for a hike.

Hittle Bottom (9 pictures) Hittle Bottom is a smaller campground several miles upriver from Big Bend.


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