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Moonflower LadderMoonflower Ladder (09/28/2004) Native Americans constructed a ladder by jamming logs in the cliff side. It is suspected that Moonflower Canyon was a sacred spot used in many ceremonies.

Moonflower LadderMoonflower Ladder (09/28/2004) People can shimmy up this hole in the rock.

ClimberClimber (09/28/2004) A person investigating the possibilities of climbing the ladder.

Moonflower LadderMoonflower Ladder (09/28/2004) The Moonflower Ladder lead through this crack.

Colorado RiverColorado River (09/28/2004) The Colorado River at Moonflower Canyon.

Colorado RiverColorado River (09/28/2004) The Colorado River at Moonflower Canyon.

Moonflower PetroglyphsMoonflower Petroglyphs (09/28/2004) The Moonflower Petroglyphs.

Moonflower PetroglyphsMoonflower Petroglyphs (09/28/2004)

Moonflower CanyonMoonflower Canyon (09/28/2004) Moonflower Canyon is a short box canyon in Utah's Canyonands.

Moonflower CanyonMoonflower Canyon (09/28/2004) Moonflower Canyon at dusk.

Moonflower CayonMoonflower Cayon (09/28/2004) Looking down Moonflower Canyon toward the Colorado River.

Box CanyonBox Canyon (09/28/2004) I don't see a way out of this canyon (well, without ropes and some protection.)

Moonflower PondMoonflower Pond (09/28/2004) This little pond sits at the top of the canyon. It is probably spectacular during a rain. I wouldn't drink the water as quite a few dogs and people visit the area.

Camp Site 2Camp Site 2 (09/28/2004) A nice little collection of Cottonwood trees defind camp site two.

DaturaDatura (09/28/2004) The canyon is named for the Datura flower that grows in the area. The flower is about the size of my fist.

MoonflowerMoonflower (09/28/2004) The Datura (aka moon flower or jimsonweed) is a large white flower in the Solanaceae family.

DaturaDatura (09/28/2004) The sacred Moonflower (Datura). It is a member of the nightshade family and is quite poisonous. This picture is from Moonflower Campground along the Colorado River. The flower is also known as jimsonweed.

MoonflowerMoonflower (09/28/2004) The Moonflower Petroglyph panel on Kane Creek Road.

Moonflower PetroglyphsMoonflower Petroglyphs (09/28/2004) The Moonflower Petroglyph panel in the Colorado River canyons near Moab.

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The Moonflower Campground is a small (8 unit) BLM campground on the Kane Creek Road about 3 miles south of Moab, Utah. The campground is a short distance from the Colorado River. Unfortunately there is neither a beach nor decent access to the river as our forefathers had the foresight to import an invasive weed called Tamarisk.

This campground has 8 sites. Campers park in a parking lot and carry their tent and belongings into the site. There are several other campsites along the river, or you can find an affordable hotel in Moab.

There are several other campgrounds along the Kane Canyon road. Most let you drive in. It is often difficult to find a spot to camp on the weekends.

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Moab, Utah (138 pictures) The Campground is near Moab, Utah.

Colorado River (96 pictures) The campground is in a side canyon of the Colorado River.

Pictographs and Petroglyphs (17 pictures) Moonflower Canyon is noted for its petroglyphs and sacred stairway.


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