Redman Campground

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Redman CampgroundRedman Campground (06/08/2006) Entrance to Redman Campground in Big Cottonwood canyon.

Big Cottonwood CreekBig Cottonwood Creek (06/08/2006) Big Cottonwood Creek at Redman Campground in the upper sections of the canyon.

Closed CampgroundClosed Campground (06/08/2006) The Redman Campground is still snowbound in early June.

Big Cottonwood CreekBig Cottonwood Creek (06/08/2006) Big Cottonwood Creek in Redman Campground.

Campground FacilitiesCampground Facilities (06/08/2006) Facilities at the Redman Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Group AreaGroup Area (06/08/2006) Picnic Tables at one of the group camping areas in Redman Campground.

Redman CampgroundRedman Campground (06/08/2006) Camping site at the Redman Campground (it is still a bit soggy in June).

Glacier LilyGlacier Lily (06/08/2006) I found this perfect Glacier Lily in Redman Campground.

Glacier LilyGlacier Lily (06/08/2006) A fine specimen of Glacier Lily in Redman Campground.

Port a PottiesPort a Potties (06/08/2006) These port-a-potties were parked in the campground for the winter. Odd.

Campfire RingCampfire Ring (06/08/2006) A group campfire ring at Redman Campground.

Expensive HousesExpensive Houses (06/08/2006) These expensive houses are on the hill overlooking Redman Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Big Cottonwood CanyonBig Cottonwood Canyon (06/08/2006) Big Cottonwood Canyon from the Redman Campground area.

In the AlpineIn the Alpine (06/08/2006) The upper area of Big Cottonwood Canyon opens into an alpine area.

Redman CampgroundRedman Campground (06/08/2006) At the entrance to the Redman Campground. The campground was still closed in early June.

1-15 Pictures

Redman Campground

Redman Campground is a forest service campground situated between Solitude and Brighton Ski resort. This set of pictures was taken in the Spring of 2006, before the campground opened.

As Redman Campground is between two world class resorts, it is easy to make a summer trip that combines camping with stops at quality resort restaurants.

Context: Camping

Big Cottonwood Canyon (151 pictures) The campground is near the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) This is one of the few forest service campgrounds in the Wasatch.

Solitude Ski Resort (21 pictures) Solitude Ski Resort is just down stream from the Campground.


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