Weber Canyon - Cottonwood Picnic Area

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Weber Cottonwood Picnic AreaWeber Cottonwood Picnic Area (09/13/2008) This is the entrance sign for the Weber Cottonwood Picnic area a few miles upstream from Oakley.

Cottonwood Picnic AreaCottonwood Picnic Area (09/13/2008) Tables in the Cottonwood Picnic area in Weber Canyon.

Fire GrateFire Grate (09/13/2008) The fire grates are made from local stone ... a nice detail for a picnic area.

Short a BenchShort a Bench (09/13/2008) This picnic table is short a bench. The sign warns of bears. You want to be careful about what you leave in your car, which bears can open like a tin can.

CloverClover (09/13/2008) Clover was in bloom in mid September.

Weber RiverWeber River (09/13/2008) The Cottonwood Picnic area provides access to the Weber River.

Weber RiverWeber River (09/13/2008) The Cottonwood Picnic area provides access to the lower section of the Weber River ... a favorite haunt of Utah fishermen.

Stone Fire GrateStone Fire Grate (09/13/2008) There are nice stone fire grates in the picnic area for cooking up the day's catch.

Group AreaGroup Area (09/13/2008) The picnic area has a few sites with double picnic tables.

FacilitiesFacilities (09/13/2008) The picnic area provides facilities for those in need.

Weber Canyon RoadWeber Canyon Road (09/13/2008) A picture of the Weber Canyon Road from the Cottonwood Picnic Ground.

Toward OakleyToward Oakley (09/13/2008) A picture looking downstream toward Oakley from the Weber Canyon Raod at Cottonwood Picnic Area.

Picnic TablePicnic Table (09/13/2008) The picnic area has about a half dozen picnic sites fed by a parking lot.

Picnic TablesPicnic Tables (09/13/2008) Picnic Tables at the Weber Cottonwood Picnic area.

Lower Weber CanyonLower Weber Canyon (09/13/2008) This is the lower Weber Canyon from the Weber Cottonwood Picnic Area. The caynon widens out around the bend as it heads toward the high uintas.

Weber RiverWeber River (09/13/2008) The Weber River East of Oakley UTah.

Mystery PlantMystery Plant (09/13/2008) This bizarre plant with deep purple flowers was growing along the Weber River. It might be a purple saxifrage.

Golden EyeGolden Eye (09/13/2008) Golden Eye growing along the Weber River in the Uinta Mountains.

Golden EyeGolden Eye (09/13/2008) Golden Eye in bloom in September.

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Cottonwood Picnic Area

Most of the land between Oakley and Smith and Morehouse Canyon is privately owned. The Cottonwood Picnic Area is a small Forest Service picnic area on the Weber River.

I stopped at the location in September 2008 to check the place out. This is a nice picnic area for locals. For the rest of the world, I would recommend going the extra twenty miles up the road.


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