Panther Creek

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Panther CreekPanther Creek (06/01/2002) Panther Creek flows into the Salmon River. It is a tumultuous creek that drains the high Bighorn Crags in the Salmon National Forest.

The OutpostThe Outpost (06/01/2002) The Outpost at the confluence of Panther Creek and the Salmon River.

The OutpostThe Outpost (06/01/2002) At the junction of Panther Creek and the Salmon River, The Outpost is popular place to stop for a beer and burger for people driving or floating downriver.

SubdevelopmentSubdevelopment (06/01/2002) Even Central Idaho isn't remote enough to avoid the forces of suburbanification.

Panther Creek CanyonPanther Creek Canyon (06/01/2002)

Panther Creek RoadPanther Creek Road (06/01/2002) The Panther Creek Road heads to the mines at Cobalt and other remote locations.

Panther CreekPanther Creek (06/01/2002) The Panther Creek Bridge. You can take the Panther Creek road to Colbalt, Idaho and destinations beyond.

Panther Creek BridgePanther Creek Bridge (06/01/2002) The roads may not be paved, but the bridges are sound.

Panther CreekPanther Creek (06/02/2002) The ridge over the Outpost at Panther Creek.

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Panther Creek is one of the major drainages of the Salmon Mountains. You can take the road from Panther Creek through Colbalt to Challis, Idaho. You can read about this area in the book Walking Without Footprints.

The Outpost is a small pub on the confluence of Panther Creek and the Salmon River. The outpost has a landing dock; so you can plan a hot lunch for boating excursions. icon


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Salmon River (137 pictures) Panther Creek drains into the Salmon River.

Salmon River Drive (79 pictures) You can access Panther Creek by car on the scenic Salmon River Drive.


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