Bear River

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Bear RiverBear River (04/09/2002) A bridge over the Bear River.

Gem ValleyGem Valley (04/09/2002) The Bear River in the Gem Valley.

Bear River at DuskBear River at Dusk (04/09/2002)

Pedestrian BridgePedestrian Bridge (05/26/2007) A pedestrian bridge crosses the Bear River at the Bear River State Park in Evanston.

Pedestrian BridgePedestrian Bridge (05/26/2007) This bridge crosses the Bear River in Evanston, Wyoming.

Bear River - EvanstonBear River - Evanston (05/26/2007) This picture shows the Bear River in Evanston. The boaters in the middle of the river ran into then bounced off the rock.

Into the RapidsInto the Rapids (05/26/2007) A two man raft heads into the rapids on the Bear River.

1-7 Pictures

Bear River

Bear River is one of the primary rivers in the Great Basin. The river follows a 350 mile path from the peaks of the high Uinta Mountains in Utah. It flows Northward through Evanston, Wyoming then curves West into Idaho.

The river then takes a Soutward path through Bear Lake, then enters the Great Salt Lake 10 miles north of Brigham City.

The river flows through Sea Eagle 330 -- The Go Anywhere Kayak For 2

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Interstate 80 (98 pictures) The river crosses under I80 in Evanston.

Bear River State Park (12 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of bear river state park in evanston.


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