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Snake River ValleySnake River Valley (03/12/2002) The Clearwater meets the Snake River in Lewiston.

Snake RiverSnake River (03/12/2002) This shot captures the old U95 winding its way into Lewiston. You can see both the Clearwater and Snake Rivers.

US 95US 95 (03/12/2002)

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002) There are some rather serious bridges crossing the Snake and Clearwater rivers in Lewiston and Clarkston.

Snake RiverSnake River (03/10/2002) A view of the snake river from the Twin Falls bridge overlook.

Snake RiverSnake River (03/10/2002) The Snake River from the Twin Falls overlook.

Snake River GorgeSnake River Gorge (03/10/2002)

Snake RiverSnake River (03/10/2002) Looking up the Snake River from the Twin Falls Bridge. Evel Knevil's failed rocket blast across the river was around the bend somewhere.

Snake RiverSnake River (03/10/2002) Looking up the Snake River from the Twin Falls Bridge.

Snake RiverSnake River (03/10/2002) Looking down the Snake River from Twin Falls Overlook

Perrine Memorial BridgePerrine Memorial Bridge (03/10/2002) The first Perrine Memorial Bridge was open in 1927. It towered 475 feet above the Snake River Canyon, and was the highest bridge in existence at the time. The old bridge was replaced in 1974 with this new two lane bridge.

Snake River ValleySnake River Valley (03/10/2002) There are some interesting communities in the bottom of the canyon.

Power PlantPower Plant (03/10/2002) Shoshone Falls is one of the impressive water drops in the US. Idaho Power diverts most of the water trhough turbines. There is a diversion dam above Twin Falls that divert a good portion of the Snake as well.

Bridge SpanBridge Span (03/10/2002) As I recall, this is the Veterans Memorial Bridge. If you are visiting Twin Falls, you will want take the full loop and see both bridges spanning the canyon.

1-14 Pictures

The Snake River is one of the major rivers of the West, and one of the most scenic rivers on the planets. Its head waters are in Yellowstone National Park. The river flows south, on the East End of the Grand Tetons, through Jackson Hole. The upper Snake is a major boating and kayaking destination.

The Snake winds its way through Idaho Falls and provides the water for the argriculturally rich Snake River Plains. The Snake River Plain is dominated by grand lava flows. The northern reaches of the plains are dry desolate land dotted with volcanic cones. The southern reaches are extremely productive agricultural lands.

The Snake River has several major falls as it winds its way through the lava fields at Idaho Falls, American Falls, and most notably Twin Falls where the river drops into a deep gorge. The Oregon Trail follows the Snake River through much of Idaho.

The Snake River enters Oregon a little south of I84 and Ontario. It then turns north and defines the Oregon/Idaho border. North of Farewell Bend, the river drops into Hells Canyon, which is one of the deepest gorges in North America. This section of the river is one of the rafting destinations in the US. The river continues north, and defines the Idaho/Washington border.

At Lewiston, the Snake River joins the Clearwater and flows westward into Washington. The river flows into the Columbia at Kennewick, Washington.

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Lewiston, Idaho (29 pictures) The Lewis and Clark trail joins the Snake River at the confluence of the Clearwater and Snake River in Lewiston, Idaho.

Boise River (26 pictures) The Boise River joins the Snake in Southwestern Idaho.

Interstate 84 (56 pictures) I84 follows the Snake River through portions of Oregon and Southern Idaho.

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