Clearwater River

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Snake River ValleySnake River Valley (03/12/2002) The Clearwater meets the Snake River in Lewiston.

ClearwaterClearwater (03/12/2002) The clearwater just outside of Lewiston. It's getting dark, and I don't have tripod.

Clearwater DuskClearwater Dusk (03/12/2002)

Drainage PatternsDrainage Patterns (03/12/2002)

Snake RiverSnake River (03/12/2002) This shot captures the old U95 winding its way into Lewiston. You can see both the Clearwater and Snake Rivers.

US 95US 95 (03/12/2002)

1-6 Pictures

Pictures of the Clearwater River in Central Idaho. The Lewis and Clark expedition floated the Clearwater river through Central Idaho. The Clearwater River joins Snake just outside Lewiston, Idaho and continues on to the Pacific.

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Lewis and Clark (13 pictures) Lewis and Clark took the Clearwater River on their expedition to the Pacific.

Snake River (14 pictures) The Clearwater River drains into the Snake River.

Lewiston, Idaho (29 pictures) The Confluence of the Clearwater and Snake River is in Lewiston, Idaho.


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