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Zagg - GatewayZagg - Gateway (04/17/2010) Zagg is the creator of the invisibleSHIELD. Click picture to learn more about protecting your gadgets.

Heart of the GatewayHeart of the Gateway (10/25/2007) A picture from 100 South heading into Gateway Plaza.

CondosCondos (04/30/2008) Viewed from FrontRunner, this is a new condo development West of the Gateway.

Plow Co.Plow Co. (10/25/2007) An empty warehouse on the Westside of the Gateway Plaza. These people have seen their property values soar. I wonder what will go up next?

Redman 1910Redman 1910 (10/25/2007) The Redman Storage building (West of the Gateway) went up in the politically incorrect era of 1910.

Gateway TowersGateway Towers (10/25/2007) A view toward the Megaplex Theatre in the Gateway Plaza.

Man WorkingMan Working (10/25/2007) A worker on the new Trax line by the Gateway.

200 South Trax200 South Trax (10/25/2007) The Trax Extension on 200 South is in the final stages of completion.

200 South Trax Construction200 South Trax Construction (10/25/2007) Construction of the Trax line on 200 South by The Gateway.

Space Soon AvailableSpace Soon Available (10/25/2007) New office space at the Gateway building on 200 South.

Bureau of Land ManagementBureau of Land Management (10/25/2007) This surprised me. The BLM has an office in the Gateway Plaza.

200 South200 South (10/25/2007) Yet another view of the Trax construction on 200 South.

RobotsRobots (10/25/2007) There was a Robots display at Discoverty Gateway.

Discovery GatewayDiscovery Gateway (10/25/2007) Discovery Gateway (formerly the Childrens Museum) is a place for kids visiting the Gateway Plaza.

Bike RackBike Rack (10/25/2007) This is a wicked design for a bike rack at the Gateway Plaza.

Plow CoPlow Co (10/25/2007) The John Deere Plow Co. warehouse is seeing its final days as the warehouse district transitions from subprime to prime real estate.

Gateway PlazaGateway Plaza (03/14/2007) A view of the main walk in the Gateway Plaza.

Red Rock FountainRed Rock Fountain (03/14/2007) This image shows one of the many fountains in the Gateway Plaza.

Office DepotOffice Depot (03/14/2007) Office Depot and Old Navy occupy the North extension of the Gateway Plaza.

End of LineEnd of Line (03/14/2007) The Delta Center stop (at the Energy Solutions Arena) is the end of line on Trax.

118 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-118

The Gateway Plaza

The Gateway Plaza is a new mixed use shopping district on the west end of Salt Lake. The plaza was built by the Boyer Company and was opened just prior to the 2002 Olympics and continues to draw crowds to downtown Salt Lake City.

Stores at the Gateway:

For a complete list of stores, you can visit the Boyer Company's web site. See the Salt Lake Gateway Calendar for community events.

Context: Places

UTA Trax (156 pictures) The Gateway Plaza is at the last stop (The Delta Center) of the trax system. Both the Sandy and main University lines terminate at this station.

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) The Gateway Plaza is on the west end of downtown Salt Lake City.

2002 SLC Games (64 pictures) The mall was completed just before the Olympics and was a site of many festivities

Saint Patrick s Day Parade (97 pictures) The 2003 Salt Lake City Saint Patrick's Day Parade was held in the Gateway Plaza. This was a great idea, since it created two levels of viewing area for the the Parade.

Salt Lake West Side (43 pictures) The Gateway Mall is on the west side of Salt Lake.

South Temple (208 pictures) Take a walk along South Temple.

Trolley Square (32 pictures) Trolley Square is a shopping district on the East Side of Salt Lake City.

Jordan Landing (35 pictures) Pictures of the Jordan Landing Shopping District (also developed by Boyer Company).

City Creek Shopping Center (122 pictures) The City Creek Center (completed 2012) is a new shopping center in downtown Salt Lake.


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