Mother Cabrini Shrine

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Stations of The CrossStations of The Cross (09/25/2002) You can follow the stations of the Cross on the path way to the Cabrini Shrine.

Sacred Heart StatueSacred Heart Statue (09/25/2002) Last steps of the stations of the cross at the Mother Cabrini Shrine bring you the the Sacred Heart Statue overlooking Denver.

DenverDenver (09/25/2002) Denver, on a hazy day, from the Mother Cabrini Shrine.

MemorialsMemorials (09/25/2002) The pathway to the shrine is surrounded by memorials.

MemorialsMemorials (09/25/2002) Memorial markers at the summit of the Mother Cabrini Shrine.

ChapelChapel (09/25/2002) The chapel and visitor center at the Mother Cabrini Shrine.

Stations of the CrossStations of the Cross (09/25/2002) The walkway to the shrine has the 12 stations of the cross. Each station has a tiled work of art.

Stations of the CrossStations of the Cross (09/25/2002) The walkway gives travelers a chance to relax and reflect on their journey.

Stations of the CrossStations of the Cross (09/25/2002) The walkway is lined with memorials trees and plants, giving the visitor a chance to enjoy the gardens and comtemplate.

Spring at the GrottoSpring at the Grotto (09/25/2002) This spring was discovered by Mother Cabrini in 1912, and has flown continously since.

ChapelChapel (09/25/2002) The Chapel near the springs.

Cabrini ShrineCabrini Shrine (09/25/2002) The statue of Jesus overlooks the travelers on I70 at the Cabrini Shrine, just west of Denver.

Interstate 70Interstate 70 (09/25/2002) Interstate 70 viewed from the Cabrini Shrine.

MorrisonMorrison (09/25/2002) The Morrison Formation is named for Morrison, Colorado. The road cut on I70 (just west of Denver) provides a good change to examine the formation in detail. This is the same exit as the Mother Cabrini Shrine.

Cabrini ArchCabrini Arch (09/25/2002) An archway over the path at the Cabrini Shrine.

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Mother Cabrini Shrine

The Mother Cabrini Shrine is just west of Denver, Colorado. This is a good place for travelers to stop and stretch their legs on their interstate voyage. It is also a popular day trip for people living in Denver. To get to the shrine, take the Morrison exit, and follow the well marked road.

Sainte France X. Cabrini was born in the Lombard Plain of Italy on July 15, 1850. In 1880, she found the sisters of the Sacred Heart. Pope Leo XIII sent her to New York city to work with Italian immigrants, where she established a school and orphanage. In her career, she helped establish 67 houses (including schools, orphanages and hospitals). In the first 25 year of her order, 100,000 people were treated at her hospitals.

This area was originally established as a orphanage. In 1912, Mother Cabrini and children from the orphanage formed a heart of stone and cross at the present day statue. On their way down, they discovered a spring at the Grotto which flows to this day. Many people make pilgrimages to view the shrine and drink the water from the spring.

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Interstate 70 (51 pictures) The Cabrini Shrine is near the Morrison Exit on I70.

Denver, Colorado (32 pictures) The Cabrini Shrine overlooks Denver.

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