RiverPark in South Jordan

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Riverpark AreaRiverpark Area (11/02/2013) Homes build on the escarpment over the Jordan River area.

South Jordan RallySouth Jordan Rally (11/02/2013) This shows part of the crowd at the Mike Lee welcome home rally.

PavilionPavilion (11/02/2013) The rally was near this pavilion at Jordan River Park Way.

Balloons and PavilionBalloons and Pavilion (11/02/2013) A bundle of balloons were tied to a sign at a park pavilion.

PavilionPavilion (11/02/2013) A pavilion in at the Jordan River Park.

Flock of GeeseFlock of Geese (11/02/2013) A flock of geese show support for the Rally by flying over in formation.

Tree ClimbingTree Climbing (11/02/2013) A toy was stuck in the tree. A girl climbed this small tree and was trying to get it out with a flag pole.

RiverParkRiverPark (11/02/2013) There is a fountain in the circle at the Jordan River Park.

Cycling TrailCycling Trail (10/24/2011) Cyclists on the Jordan River Parkway.

South Jordan ParkSouth Jordan Park (10/24/2011) A park along the Jordan River.

Riverpark CircleRiverpark Circle (10/24/2011) Crews maintaining the fountain at the entrance to the Jordan Riverpark office Complex.

RiverPark CircleRiverPark Circle (10/24/2011) There is a fountain on the main traffic circle leading into Jordan River Park.

Parks and OfficesParks and Offices (10/24/2011) The RiverPark development in South Jordan is adjacent to a large park system on the Jordan River. So, you can have a picnic at lunch.

The FountainThe Fountain (10/24/2011) This fountain sits in the traffic circle at the entrance to the Jordan RiverPark development.

Empty FieldEmpty Field (10/24/2011) Looking across an empty field to the main Jordan RiverPark office complex.

LifeTime FitnessLifeTime Fitness (10/24/2011) Building houses a fitness club in RiverPark

Roseman College of Health SciencesRoseman College of Health Sciences (10/24/2011) A college of health sciences in South Jordan.

Roseman UniversityRoseman University (10/24/2011) Roseman offers degrees in health science.

RiverParkRiverPark (10/24/2011) Office buildings at RiverPark framed by the Wasatch Mountain.

RiverParkRiverPark (10/24/2011) The Riverpark section of South Jordan sports handsome office complexes.

101 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-101

RiverPark in South Jordan

This gallery shows pictures from the RiverPark area of South Jordan. This new development, in the Southern reaches of the Salt Lake Valley, has a mix of office buildings and dining establishments.

The development is near the Jordan River Parkway and includes some top grade office building design.

It appears that there is only one road in and out of the office complex that connects to 10600 South. When all of the offices are open, I suspect that the traffic will be a nightmare.

Googling, South Jordan RiverPark, I was not able to find a web site for this area.

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