Black Diamond Campus

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Black Diamond EquipmentBlack Diamond Equipment (02/27/2014) Black Diamond facility on 3900 South in Salt Lake City.

Black DiamondBlack Diamond (03/01/2013) The Black Diamond Complex in Holladay framed by Mount Olympus.

Black DiamondBlack Diamond (03/01/2013) The Black Diamond Facility on 3900 South in Holladay.

Black Diamond ComplexBlack Diamond Complex (03/18/2008) The Black Diamond Complex viewed from 3900 South.

Cafe MadridCafe Madrid (03/18/2008) Cafe Madrid is a swank restaurant in the Black Diamond Complex. NOTE, the restaurant requires that you get a reservation.

RockreationRockreation (03/18/2008) There is a popular climbing gym in the facility.

Black Diamond BuildingBlack Diamond Building (03/18/2008) This is the main entrance to Black Diamond. This section of the complex used to be a grocery store.

RockreationRockreation (03/18/2008) Rockreation is a popular climbing gym created by investors from Salt Lake. Mount Olympus, in the distance, is a popular climbing gym created by God.

Millcreek SideMillcreek Side (03/18/2008) The buildings on the North side of 3900 are part of Millcreek Township.

Café MadridCafé Madrid (03/18/2008) Café Madrid is an upscale restaurant on the Black Diamond Campus.

3900 South3900 South (03/18/2008) Several business complexes appeared on the Northside of 3900 South following the construction of the shopping district.

Black Diamond StoreBlack Diamond Store (03/18/2008) The Black Diamond Store displays the various creations of the company.

Black Diamond CampusBlack Diamond Campus (03/18/2008) This is the east end of the Black Diamond Office Complex.

Black Diamond CampusBlack Diamond Campus (03/18/2008) Chateau style rooms on the East side of the Black Diamond Campus.

AcupunctureAcupuncture (03/18/2008) A home on the Northside of 3900 South has been turned into an acupuncture office.

3900 South3900 South (03/18/2008) I ran into the street to take this shot of 3900 South. The V-Shaped Canyon is Millcreek Canyon.

Looking WestLooking West (03/18/2008) This picture is looking west down 3900 South toward the Oquirrh Mountains.

Black Diamond CampusBlack Diamond Campus (03/18/2008) A view of the Black Diamond Campus from 3900 South.

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Black Diamond Campus

This gallery shows the Black Diamond Campus on 3900 South in the Northern section of Holladay, Utah. The campus was orginally designed to be an upscale shopping center with a Swiss Village theme. The shopping center failed to gain the identity the owners hoped it would achieve. Having the shopping district transition into a world class manufacturing facility has been a big plus for Salt Lake.

The shopping district was designed with buildings of different sizes and with several intriguing towers. The multistory buildings were recently transformed into a climbimg gym.

For those not in the know. Black Diamond is a producer of quality outdoor gear. They make the state of the art designs that world class athletes use in climbing. See the Black Diamond Site of the Day Review for a sampling of products made by the company.

Context: Places

Holladay, Utah (174 pictures) The Black Diamond Campus is on the Nothern Border of Holladay, Utah.

Millcreek Township (81 pictures) The buildings across the street are in Millcreek Township.

3900 South (69 pictures) The campus is on 3900 South at about 2100 East


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