Southern Utah University

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SUU PavilonSUU Pavilon (10/01/2006) A pavilon to the great thinkers at Souther Utah University.

Pavilon and Sharwan Smith CenterPavilon and Sharwan Smith Center (10/01/2006) The great thinkers pavilion with the Centrum extenstion of the Sharwan Smith Center in the background.

Exaltation of ReasonExaltation of Reason (10/01/2006) You are viewing the exhaltation of reason taking place on the Southern Utah University campus.

Sharwan Smith CenterSharwan Smith Center (10/01/2006) The Sharwan Smith Center serves as the Convention Center for Cedar City and the Student Activity Center for SUU.

Public ArtPublic Art (10/01/2006) Yes, SUU has one of these.

Southern Utah UniversitySouthern Utah University (10/01/2006)

OverhangOverhang (10/01/2006) This is a good design for a desert structure. The eaves have sufficient overhang to shade the walls, and helps shade cars

Sharwan Smith CenterSharwan Smith Center (10/01/2006) Corner of the Sharwan Smith Center at SUU.

SUU CampusSUU Campus (10/01/2006)

SUU Student Living CenterSUU Student Living Center (10/01/2006) The SUU campus has some nice, new student housing.

SUU LibrarySUU Library (10/01/2006) The street view of the SUU Library.

SUUSUU (10/01/2006)

Electronic Learning CenterElectronic Learning Center (10/01/2006) This building was the old library, it is now the Electronic Learning Center.

Dixie Leavitt Business BuildingDixie Leavitt Business Building (10/01/2006) The Dixie Leavitt Business Building houses most of the school's business classes. Special thermal conducting windows help deflect some of the heat generated during the classes.

SUU LibrarySUU Library (10/01/2006) The Gerald R. Sherratt Library on the Southern Utah University campus in Cedar City, Utah.

SUU LibrarySUU Library (10/01/2006) The Library at the Southern Utah University in Cedar City.

WalkwaysWalkways (10/01/2006) Walkways at SUU.

Sharwan Smith CenterSharwan Smith Center (10/01/2006) Entrance to the Sharwan Smith Center.

Physical PlantPhysical Plant (10/01/2006) The Physical Plant at SUU.

SUUSUU (10/01/2006) Sharwan Smith Center.

78 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-78

Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University (SUU) is an institute of higher learning in Cedar City, Utah. The school is home of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

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