Washington State University

Washington State University

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Housing ComplexHousing Complex (03/07/2002)

Student HousingStudent Housing (03/07/2002) A college town, Pullman has a large number of multilayered apartments within easy walking distance of the university.

Student Activity CenterStudent Activity Center (03/07/2002)

WSU Water TowerWSU Water Tower (03/07/2002) Washington State is a land grant college. This little scene of less developed rolling hills stands over the unversity.

Student Rec CenterStudent Rec Center (03/07/2002)

Student Rec CenterStudent Rec Center (03/07/2002)

Baily-Bryant FieldBaily-Bryant Field (03/07/2002)

WSU OverlookWSU Overlook (03/07/2002) A view of the University from the atheletics complex.

Golf CourseGolf Course (03/07/2002) In the winter, it is advisable to use yellow balls.

Recreation CenterRecreation Center (03/07/2002) Talk about inconvenience. You have to walk up a hill before your work out.

StairwaysStairways (03/07/2002)

Food ScienceFood Science (03/07/2002)

WalkwayWalkway (03/07/2002) Near Johnson Hall

Martin StadiumMartin Stadium (03/07/2002)

StairwayStairway (03/07/2002) You will notice that I am enchanted with paths and walk ways.

OverpassOverpass (03/07/2002) This overpass leads to the French Administration building. There are several overpasses spanning the Stadium Way through the University

OverpassOverpass (03/07/2002) leading to the French Administration Building

Ground WorkGround Work (03/07/2002) The campus has several interesting sculptures on the grounds including this near Bustad

Teaching and Learning CenterTeaching and Learning Center (03/07/2002) Teaching and Learning Center

Stadium WayStadium Way (03/07/2002) Three of the overpasses on Stadium Way.

60 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60

Washington State University is a land grant college in Eastern Washington. I visited the University shortly after a snow storm. The dusting of snow greatly enhanced the images of the college.

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Pullman, Washington (36 pictures) WSU is located in the argricultural town of Pullman, in eastern Washington

University of Idaho (37 pictures) The University of Idaho is a short ten miles from WSU in Moscow, Idaho.

Campus Photos (7 pictures) Links to other Campus photograph collections.


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