Alpine Loop

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Alpine Loop

On October 3,2006, I decided to take a drive around the alpine loop to capture some Fall images. The Alpine Loop is a winding one lane road with traffic going in both directions. It wraps around the East side of Mount Timpanogos. Unfortunately, the day before my voyage, there was a rather heavy storm with with strong winds that significantly reduced leaves on the trees, however, it was a pleasant drive.

Most people driving the Alpine loop start in Orem and take Highway 189 along the Provo River to the Sundance Exit. This road (Highway 92) wraps around Mount Timpanogos by following Provo's North Fork Canyon past the Sundance Ski Resort, through large alpine groves of Aspen, then drops into the American Fork drainage. Being a contrarian, I did this trip in the reverse direction.

Highlights of the Alpine Loop include the Timpanogos Natural Monument which includes a intriguing selection of limestone caves, Sundance Resort and the Mount Timpanogos Trail.


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