Mirror Lake Highway

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Mirror Lake Highway

The Mirror Lake Highway (State 150) runs from Kamas, Utah to Evanston, Wyoming. This scenic route is a primary access to the High Uintah Mountains and provides travellers with a spectacular selection of vast Pine and Aspen forests along with a selection of towering mountain peaks and alpine lakes. Due to harsh winter conditions, the road is closed for most of the year.

The Uinta Mountains run East to West (most Mountains on the American Continent run North South). Since the road rides with the grain of the range, the Mirror Lake highway gives the traveler a gradual introduction to the offerings of the Uintas.

Running West to East, the Mirror Lake Highway starts in Kamas and follows Beaver Creek. The lower part of Beaver Creek is privately owned as is lined by some extremely expensive summer homes. The road enters the Kamas Ranger district near Yellow Pine Creek.

Hikers wishing to take in the full Uinta experience would do well to start their trek on the Yellow Pine Trail. This long trail will reward the hiker with the many different climate zones of the range along with views of the western peaks in the range.

The Mirror Lake Highway follows Beaver Creek to its headwaters after which the road crosses into the Provo River basin and turns Northeast. The road provides views of the Provo River Falls then winds to the upper lakes in the High Uintas (Lily Lake and Lost Angler Lake).

The Mirror Lake Highway Crosses into the Duchesne River basin at Bald Mountain Pass then drops into the Mirror Lake Area. This is a primary access to the High Uinta Wilderness Area.

After Mirror Lake, the Mirror Highway heads North over Hayden Pass then follows the Hayden River to the Bear River and up to Evanston

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