Utah Olympic Park

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Utah Olympic Park

If you are traveling I80, you will want to stop and stretch your legs at the Utah Olympic Park. The park is open year round and has a fun combination of winter and summer sports activities. The Park is also home to the Alf Elgen Ski Museum and the Eccles Olympic Museum which contain informative and interactive displays about the history of skiing and the 2002 Winter Games.

To access the park, you take the Kimball Junction exit (U224) and head south. The entrance to the park is clearly marked and visitors are welcome.

The Utah Olympic Park continues a long tradition of ski jumping in Summit County that began with the construction of Ecker Hill Ski Jump (near the Pinebrook subdivision at Parley's Summit). Ecker Hill was open from circa 1928 to 1964. Alf Engen set several jumping records at Ecker Hill.

The new Olympic Park was built as a venue for the 2002 Winter Games. It was the home of the bob sled, luge and ski jump competitions. The park continues to operate as an athletic training facility and as a venue for major winter sports competitions.

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The park includes a variety of interactive displays along with a number of rides. Yes, the general public can schedule bob sled, luge runs and ski jumps. There are also sports training camps. You need to schedule such activities in advance.

Personally, I enjoyed a simple visit to the museum and the self guided tour that flows the bob sled track. Activity-wise, you can get an adrenaline rush on the Zipline. In the summer, you can ride the Alpine Slide.


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