Scipio, Utah

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Scipio, Utah

Scipio is a small town (popultion 290) at the intersection of US50 and I15 in Central Utah.

It appears that the primary industry in the town is selling gas. My experience is that price of gas in Scipio is generally substantially higher than in other towns on I15. If you are going south bound on I15, you would do well to top off your tank in Provo. If you are headed northbound, you would do well to top off in Fillmore.

The reason for this gallery is that in October 2006, I was traveling on I15 and wanted to stop at a rest stop. The Utah Department of Transportation had closed the rest stops south of Scipio. UDOT had put up a big sign saying that there was a "public/private" initiative rest stop in Scipio.

Apparently, this official State sponsored and UDOT approved rest stop is a green picnic table in a dirt field.

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