Yellow Pine

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Yellow Pine Area

This gallery shows pictures of the Yellow Pine area in the Uintah National Forest. Yellow Pine is a small creek on the Western reaches of the Uintahs. The creek drains into Beaver Creek which then drains into the Weber River and evenutally the Great Salt Lake.

The Yellow Pine Trail starts at the Mirror Lake Highway (State 150) near the entrance of the National Forest. The trail follows Yellow Pine Creek to the upper ridgeline of the Uintahs. The trail provides access to Mount Duke (10,228 ft) and runs at the base of many of the grand peaks of the Uintahs. The trail is interesting for backcountry enthusiasts because it brings the hiker through the many different zones of the Uintahs. The trail starts on a sage brush covered hill, runs through a variety of forests and terminates in high altitudes.

Unfortunately this set of pictures shows only the base of the Yellow Pine trail. It also includes numerous pictures of Yellow Pine Campground, which is the first campground along the Mirror Lake Highway.

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