Darby, Montana.

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Montana MorningMontana Morning (10/24/2001)

The Book SmithsThe Book Smiths (09/23/2001)

Darby Log CabinDarby Log Cabin (09/23/2001) As I recall, this log house was in Darby. A very nice, well made chimney.

DarbyDarby (09/23/2001) Darby has an interesting, log cabinish feel to the town.

Old WestOld West (09/23/2001) The old west store in Darby Montana.

Darby LibraryDarby Library (09/23/2001) Even the library keeps with the mountain theme of Darby.

Darby Fire DepartmentDarby Fire Department (09/23/2001) Yes, the building for the fire department is made of flamable material...but who's ever heard of a fire department burning down. This structure was completed in the last several years.

SignSign (06/03/2002) This sign on the way to Painted Rocks is a great way to connect Darby and Salmon

KilnKiln (06/03/2002) Kiln near Darby

Darby MontanaDarby Montana (06/03/2002) The first post office was established in 1889 by its post master James Darby.

Darby Community ClubhouseDarby Community Clubhouse (06/03/2002)

Darby Community Club HouseDarby Community Club House (06/03/2002)

Darby PlaygroundDarby Playground (06/03/2002)

Darby BearDarby Bear (06/03/2002) A chain saw sculpture on Main Street.

Darby Main StreetDarby Main Street (06/03/2002)

Darby Main StreetDarby Main Street (06/03/2002)

Old West AntiquesOld West Antiques (06/03/2002)

Light FixturesLight Fixtures (06/03/2002) I believe that these were manufactured in town.

Darby Main StreetDarby Main Street (06/03/2002)

Antique DisplayAntique Display (06/03/2002) There are many antique stores and displays in town, including these carriages.

Custom Hat CompanyCustom Hat Company (06/03/2002)

Darby ResidenceDarby Residence (06/03/2002)

Streets of DarbyStreets of Darby (06/03/2002) Darby, Montana is in the upper of the Bitterroot Valley.

Bitterroot MountainsBitterroot Mountains (06/03/2002) The Bitterroot Mountains as seen from US 93 outside Darby.

Bitterroot MountainsBitterroot Mountains (06/03/2002) North of Darby.

Interesting CargoInteresting Cargo (05/01/2002) Log Cabins and log furniture are big industries in Montana.

1-26 Pictures

Darby, Montana is a classic western town located in the upper Bitterroot Valley. Darby has a simple motif of log cabins and false store fronts.

Context: Towns-Montana

Highway 93 (207 pictures) Darby is located on US93, about 20 miles north of the Montana/Idaho border.

Hamilton, Montana (59 pictures) Hamilton is the nearest large city. It is about an hours drive from Darby.

Salmon, Idaho (84 pictures) Salmon, Idaho is the first large town to the south of Darby -- over Lost Trails pass and through the winding Salmon River Canyon.

The Bitterroot (65 pictures) Darby is in the Bitterroot Valley (west of the Bitterroot Mountains.)

Missoula, Montana (62 pictures) Missoula is north of Darby (where the Bitterroot joins the Clark Fork)

Lake Como-Montana (12 pictures) is 5 miles north of Darby. Lake Como is a popular place for picnics, climbing, fishing and camping.


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