Terraces to Elbow Fork

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Terraces to Elbow Fork

This gallery includes images from the Terraces to Elbow Fork Trail in Mill Creek Canyon. This is a popular hiking trail that starts just below the Winter gates on Mill Creek and finishes at Elbow Fork.

The Terraces Elbow Fork Trail is a fun day hike that climbs from the Terraces Picnic area to a ridge overlooking Mill Creek canyon. The trail runs through several climate zones bringing the hiker through pine and aspen forests along with patches of mules ears, mountain mahagony and other Wasatch Foliage.

The hike provides views of Mill Creek Canyon, Mount Raymond and other peaks of the Wasatch.

Note, I am hiking from the top of the trail to the bottom; so my pictures are the reverse of what you might see. BTW, you can make a nice lap by combining the Terraces and Pipeline Trail.

Finish Line

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