Stansbury Island

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Stansbury Range

The Stansbury Mountains are on the West side of the Tooele Valley. The highest elevation in the range is Deseret Peak with an elevation of 11,031 feet.

The northern section of the range dips into the Great Salt Lake to form Stansbury Island. Since the Great Salt Lake is a landlocked, the elevation of the lake changes with each passing year. When the lake is low, Stansbury Island is more of a peninsula than an island. During flood years, the causeway to the island might be inundated.

Stansbury Island is popular with Salt Lake native plant enthusiasts as it is the first place in the Salt Lake Metro area to bloom each year. There is also a popular 9.8 mile mountain bike trail on the mountain, which is accessible during much of the winter.

We took a drive out to Stansbury Island on March 5th for a short walk along the trail. There were several people out doing target practice. I've occasionally have come across irresponsible people who shoot over trails. So rather than taking the trail, we just headed up the ridge. Unfortunately, a group of people people started shooting automatic weapons on the other side of the ridge. We actually came across four groups of shooters on the island.

There is a large "No Trespassing" sign on the Stansbury Island Road. So, apparently the northern portions of the island are off limits to the public.

Giving up one Antelope Island, we decided to drive toward Grantsville and ended up walking along the Mack Canyon Road.


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