Swinging Bridge

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Swinging Bridge Picnic Area

This gallery shows images of the Swinging Bridge Picnic area in American Fork Canyon just East of the entrance to Mt Timpanogos Cave National Monument. If you are planning a trip to the cave, you might want to stop and have a picnic here first.

The Timpanogos Cave trail is one of the most popular natural attraction in Utah Valley. The trail to the cave is 1 1/2 miles long with a 1160 foot elevation gain. (The Empire State Building is 1250 feet tall). Visiting the trail is a good workout.

The cave is popular and allows only a limited number of visitors a day. You need to make reservations with the (National Park Service). For busy summer weekends, you may need to make your reservations several weeks in advance. The cost of the tour is $7.00 for an adult (This is in addition to the $3.00 you need to pay to visit American Fork Canyon.)

I did not visit the caves on this trip.

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