Recess Rally

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Recess Rally - Utah

It was a silly idea. A web site called called for people to rally at Congressmen's offices on Saturday August 22, 2009. These rallies were supposed to take place despite the fact that few Representatives would be spending a Saturday in their office.

What is the point of a political rally if you know for certain that the Representative will not be there?

Jim Matheson's Salt Lake Office in in the Morris Murdock building off I80. The road to the office is currently closed for construction. But you can get to the office through back streets. Which I did.

Amazing beyond words: a few people did show up. They even had signs made for the occasion. I display here. Several cars circled the parking lot then left.

I confess. I am on the side of the protestors on this one. The bill does very little beside creates massive, ultra-intrusive government bureaucracies. The bill hopes to curtail costs by forcing everyone into buying expensive insurance and essentially outlawing self-funding of one's health care.

I support a concept called The Medical Savings and Loan. This program encourages self-financing of one's health care.

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