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FedEx Office

FedEx Office was born with the merger of Kinkos Copy Centers with the Federal Express shipping company in 2004. The original merger was named FedEx Kinkos then changed to FedEx Office in 2008.

The centers offer a full line of printing, copying and shipping services. The online site lets you order complex printing jobs from your personal computer.

Kinkos was founded in 1970 by Paul Orfalea, a curly haired gent, who started by selling copies at a street stand. Federal Express was founded a year later by Frederick W. Smith who had the crazy idea that he could speed up delivery of packages through a system of centralized hubs.

NOTE: FedEx Office has an affiliate program through Commission Junction. If you purchased a printing job through the links of this page, I might receive a commission which I would use to expand this and other sites.

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