Memory Grove Park

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Park EntrancePark Entrance (07/04/2009) Memory Grove is a short walk from tall buildings of downtown Salt Lake.

Gated EntranceGated Entrance (07/04/2009) A gated entrance reduces traffic at Memory Grove.

Water WorksWater Works (07/04/2009) Water works in Memory Grove park.

Horizon GroveHorizon Grove (07/04/2009) The movers and shakers of Salt Lake worked to establish the aboretum at Memory Grove.

Day LilyDay Lily (07/04/2009) A day lily on display at Memory Grove park.

Oregon GrapesOregon Grapes (07/04/2009) Berries at Memory Grove.

Vietnam MemorialVietnam Memorial (07/04/2009) Dedicated in September 2008, this monument on the West sid of the Utah State Capitol commemorates Vietnam Veterans.

Vietnam MemorialVietnam Memorial (07/04/2009) In September 2008, Utah dedicated a new memorial to the servicemen of Vietnam on the West Side of the Capitol Building.

City CreekCity Creek (06/12/2007) City Creek winds under a collection of bridges and over spillways as it courses into Salt Lake City.

Crismon Mill SiteCrismon Mill Site (06/12/2007) A monument marks the site of Crismon Mill. The Mill was built in 1847. The granite monument was placed by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers in 1938.

Ottinger HallOttinger Hall (06/12/2007) Ottinger Hall was built for the Volunteer Firemen Association. It is currently being rennovated by into a youth hall as part of the Rotary Club Centennial Project.

Ottinger HallOttinger Hall (06/12/2007) City Creek flows past Ottinger Hall just outside Memorial Grove Park.

Memory ParkMemory Park (06/12/2007) Enttrance to Memory Park at the mouth of City Creek Canyon in Salt Lake City.

Park BenchesPark Benches (06/12/2007) This is an interesting design for a a group of park benches. The benches protect the gardens; however, you end up facing away from the other people. It is a good design if you don't like the other people visiting the park.

Memory Grove MonumentMemory Grove Monument (06/12/2007) This monument in Memory Grove Park commemorates the veterans of the World War.

Rotary StepsRotary Steps (06/12/2007) The Rotary Steps at Memory Grove were built in 1927, then rebuilt in 2002. I think I will walk up these stairs. {Click picture to climb stairs).

Park TrailPark Trail (06/12/2007) This trail leads from the Rotary Steps in Memory Grove to the benches above. Hmmm, I wonder what is at the top of this trail. What do you think I will find?

Memory Grove StairsMemory Grove Stairs (06/12/2007) This picture shows the final section of trail from the Memory Grove Steps. I think I will find something interesting at the top of the stairs. What do you think it will be?

Utah State Capitol BuildingUtah State Capitol Building (06/12/2007) The Utah State Capitol Building is on a mountain shoulder just West of Memory Grove Park. The building is undergoing renovations.

Memory GroveMemory Grove (06/12/2007) Looking into Memory Grove from the trail to the State Capitol.

88 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-88

Memory Grove Park

Memory Grove Park sits at the base of City Creek Canyon just outside Salt Lake City. The park contains a variety of memorials to Utah war veterans along with a series of hiking trails which wind through the state's arboretum. There are off leash areas just above the main park.

One of the best ways to explore Salt Lake is to take Trax to the main Crossroads stop in downtown. There is a system of sidewalks and trails that pass Temple Square then follow City Creek along Canyon Drive to Memorial Grove Park. A network of trails cross then park then follows the creek up into City Creek Canyon. City Creek Canyon gradually winds its way into the alpine wilderness of the Wasatch Mountains.

This is one of my favorite walks as it involves a train ride, and features both urban and mountain terrain. Quite frankly, the thing I like best about Salt Lake City is that it is easy to get out of the city.

See Salt Lake Sites for Events in Memory Grove and City Creek Canyon.

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