Weber River

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Mixed ForestMixed Forest (06/20/2006) The Forest in the Upper Weber area has an intesting mix of pine and aspen. My guess is that the area was harvested in the past. The aspens grows up quickly, but gets replaced with slower growing pine as the forest ages.

Upper Weber RiverUpper Weber River (06/20/2006) The Middle Fork of the Weber River heading through an aspen forest.

Choke Cherry BushesChoke Cherry Bushes (06/20/2006) Choke Cherry (Prunus virginiana) Bushes in bloom along the Gardner Fork Trail head.

Wild StrawberriesWild Strawberries (06/20/2006) Wild Strawberries (Fragaria spp.) growing along S213 in the Uintas.

Shooting StarShooting Star (06/20/2006) A shooting star (Dodecatheon spp.) growing in a bog in the Upper Weber River area of the Uinta Mountains.

ButtercupButtercup (06/20/2006) I believe this to be a buttercup, it was found in a bog near S213 along the Weber River.

GrassGrass (06/20/2006) An interesting piece of grass found in a bog near the Weber River.

Middle ForkMiddle Fork (06/20/2006) Middle Fork of the Weber River.

Middle Fork of the Weber RiverMiddle Fork of the Weber River (06/20/2006) Assuming my notes are correct, this is looking down the Middle Fork of the Weber River on SR213.

Cabin on the Weber RiverCabin on the Weber River (06/20/2006) Looking from a bridge on 213 down a fork of the Weber River.

Fork of the Weber RiverFork of the Weber River (06/20/2006) Fork of the Weber River in the Uinta Mountains.

Snake in the GrassSnake in the Grass (06/20/2006) This snake startled me, then slithered into its hiding place under a bridge over the Weber River.

Weber River BridgeWeber River Bridge (06/20/2006) Bridge over a fork of the Weber River.

Dry Fork TrailDry Fork Trail (06/20/2006) The trailhead for the Dry Fork Trail. This trail access Fish Lake and Sand Lake in the Uinta Mountains.

Dry ForkDry Fork (06/20/2006) Dry Fork from SR 213.

State Road 213State Road 213 (06/20/2006) State Road 213 scrapes past this outcrop of rock near Dry Fork.

Mysterious TrailMysterious Trail (06/20/2006) This trail starts near Dry Fork on the Weber River. It goes through Private Lands and I did not find a trail sign, but it is obviously well used.

Dry ForkDry Fork (06/20/2006) Dry Fork of the Weber River tumbling through an aspen grove.

Weber RiverWeber River (06/20/2006) Once all of the forks combine, the Weber River is fairly substantial.

Weber RiverWeber River (06/20/2006) Weber River on the Western side of the Uintas.

91 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-60 , 60-80 , 80-91

Weber River

The Weber River is aproximately 125 miles long. The river starts in the Uintas near Reids Peak (11780 feet elevation). The upper reaches of the river are remote and accessible only on foot.

The Weber River meets State Road 213 near its confluence with its Middle Fork. The upper section of State Road 213 crosses several forks of the river including, Gardners Fork, the Middle Fork and Dry Fork. The Middle Fork starts near Mount Watson (elevation 11521). Dry Fork starts near Fish Lake.

State Road 213 runs through a 9 mile stretch of private land with no public access to the river. The road becomes paved near the confluence of the Weber River and the Smith and Morehouse Creek. The road passes through another long stretch of private lands. There is public access at the confluence of the South Fork of the Weber River and at the Weber Cottonwood Campground.

The only developed campground on the river at at Weber Cottonwood and at the Smith and Morehouse Reservoir.

At Oakley, the Weber River takes a Northward turn. It passes through the town of Peoa and into the Rockport Lake. This lask is held back by the Wanship Dam. The river joins Interstate 80 at Wanship and flows North to Coalville and the Echo Reservoir.

At Echo Junction, I80 climbs through Echo Canyon toward Evanston. I84 follows the Weber River Northwest through Henefer, The Upper Weber River Canyon, Morgan Valley and the Weber Canyon.

The Weber River enters into the Great Salt Lake Valley just south of Ogden. The Ogden River joins the Weber River before the Weber River meets its salty end in the Great Salt Lake.


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Uinta Mountains (51 pictures) The Weber River starts in the peaks of the Uinta Mountains.

Smith and Morehouse (34 pictures) The Smith and Morehouse Creek joins the Weber River in the Uinta Mountains.

Ledgefork Campground (30 pictures) Just about Smith and Morehouse, Ledgefork Campground is one of the few public campgrounds in the Upper Weber River area.

Oakley, Utah (20 pictures) The Weber River turns North at Oakley.

Rockport Lake (27 pictures) The Weber River is held back by the Wanship Dam making Rockport Lake.

Wanship, Utah (27 pictures) The Weber River joins I80 outside Wanship, Utah.

Interstate 80 (98 pictures) I80 follows the Weber River from Wanship to Coalville, then heads up Echo Canyon.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) I84 follows the Weber River through the Wasatch Mountains.

Ogden, Utah (176 pictures) Weber River Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains is just south of Ogden.

Echo Reservoir (54 pictures) The Weber River fills Echo Reservoir near Coalville.


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