Flower Power

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IrisIris (05/10/2001)

FlowersFlowers (05/15/2001)

Garden FlowersGarden Flowers (05/15/2001)

Fall BerriesFall Berries (10/24/2001) I couldn't resist the contrast between the bright red leaves and purple berries on this domestic shrub.

Purple HyacinthPurple Hyacinth (04/09/2002) Some of the first flowers of the year.

White HyacinthWhite Hyacinth (04/09/2002) Another domestic flower blooming in the Spring.

Black Eyed SusansBlack Eyed Susans (09/18/2002) Perennials in our garden in Salt Lake.

Black Eyed SusansBlack Eyed Susans (09/18/2002)

Blanket FlowersBlanket Flowers (09/18/2002) The camera did a good job focussing on the ground behind the flower.

White LilacsWhite Lilacs (05/31/2002)

White LilacsWhite Lilacs (05/31/2002) I was thinking the lilaced colored pavement would make a good background for the white lilacs. But I am completely thwarted by the inability to control the focus of the camera.

FlowersFlowers (04/30/2003)

Flowering CactusFlowering Cactus (05/27/2003) This flowering cactus near Zion National Park seems to have a similar plant structure to the Prickly Pear, but has a unique flower structure. If you know the species, please use the rate option and leave a note with the specie's name.

Firecracker PenstemonFirecracker Penstemon (06/10/2003) A firecracker penstemon grown from seed.

Native PlantsNative Plants (06/10/2003) Native Plants can add a little bit of Spring cheer, the orange plants are Globe Mallow.

Native GardenNative Garden (06/10/2003)

Native GardenNative Garden (06/10/2003)

International Peace GardensInternational Peace Gardens (06/28/2003) Diplay at the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Floral ShotFloral Shot (10/10/2005) The first floral shot with my new Nikon D70. Wow, I now have the ability to control the focus. You can even see the bug in the picture. I can't wait 'til its Spring.

Coming into FocusComing into Focus (10/10/2005) I was playing with the ability of my camera to adjust focus on close ups. These are domesticated White Alyssum (about the size of flox).

136 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-136

Flower Power

Flowers are great picture subjects. It is extremely difficult to take good flower pictures with a standard autofocus digital camera. I recently upgrade to a Nikon D10 Digital SLR. The Single Lens Reflect camera gives me greater control over focussing on the flowers. I am using a 28-90mm lens. Professional photographers are would likely use a more expensive micro lens for this type of photography.

This gallery shows garden flowers. Please see the page Wild Flower to view native wild flowers. As I now have several hundred pictures, I also list Flowers by Family.


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Utah State (53 pictures) Most of these pictures came from Utah.

Wildflowers (123 pictures) Pictures of Wildflowers


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