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Globe MallowGlobe Mallow (05/31/2006) The Globe Mallow is a semi-desert native plant that does well in Salt Lake Gardens. The flowers have a deep orange color. (Sphaeralcea spp. in the Malvaceae family).

Coreopsis??Coreopsis?? (05/31/2006)

CinquefoilCinquefoil (05/31/2006) Cinque (Pontentilla) is in the rose family.

Hardy Ice PlantHardy Ice Plant (05/31/2006) Hardy Ice Plant Ice Plant (Delosperma spp.) is a good ground cover for the Salt Lake Area. This picture makes an interesting background. Click on the picture for a 1MB version of this image.

ColumbineColumbine (05/31/2006) A hybrid white Columbine.

Yellow FlowerYellow Flower (05/31/2006)

Pot of CactiPot of Cacti (05/31/2006) A pot of Cactus.

Yellow FlowerYellow Flower (05/31/2006) A yellow flower (perhaps a coreopsis).

SageSage (05/31/2006) Sage is a tasty herb that thrives in Utah low water gardens.

Pine Leaf PenstemonPine Leaf Penstemon (05/31/2006) The Pine Leaf Penstemon is a Utah native species with bright red flowers that does well in rock gardens.

Red Leaf PenstemonRed Leaf Penstemon (05/31/2006) Red Leaf Penstemon is a native Utah Flower.

All My Weeds Are WildflowersAll My Weeds Are Wildflowers (05/31/2006) When growing a native garden, you often have to explain to neighbors why you are planting weeds. The weeds are Penstemons and Globe Mallow.

Tiny PlantsTiny Plants (05/31/2006) This tiny piece of garden has Alyssum and Hardy Ice Plant.

BedstrawBedstraw (05/31/2006) Bedstraw (Galium spp. in the Rubiaceae family) is so named as it was used in making bedding before in the invention of bed springs.

Tiny PenstemonTiny Penstemon (05/31/2006)

Rocky Mountain PenstemonRocky Mountain Penstemon (05/31/2006) Rocky Mountain Penstemon has a stems. We planted this bunch about 5 years ago.

Native GardenNative Garden (05/31/2006) This picture includes a blue Rocky Mountain Penstemon and orange Globe Mallow.

PontentillaPontentilla (05/31/2006) A bush of scrubby cinquefoil (Potentilla) in the rose family.

Native GardenNative Garden (05/31/2006) This garden includes a light pink scarlet gilia, blue Rocky Mountain Penstemon, orange Globe Mallow, Golden Eye on the left and a Palmer Penstemon on the right.

Sage and Rabbit BushSage and Rabbit Bush (05/31/2006) Sage and Rabbit Bush.

136 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 101-120 , 120-136

Flower Power

Flowers are great picture subjects. It is extremely difficult to take good flower pictures with a standard autofocus digital camera. I recently upgrade to a Nikon D10 Digital SLR. The Single Lens Reflect camera gives me greater control over focussing on the flowers. I am using a 28-90mm lens. Professional photographers are would likely use a more expensive micro lens for this type of photography.

This gallery shows garden flowers. Please see the page Wild Flower to view native wild flowers. As I now have several hundred pictures, I also list Flowers by Family.


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