Interstate 84

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Cresting a HillCresting a Hill (03/10/2002) I 84 takes several dips and climbs through the hills. Each hill crest brings some new variations to the land.

KnollKnoll (03/10/2002)

East Interstate 84East Interstate 84 (03/10/2002) A good shot at 75MPH.

Entering the WastachEntering the Wastach (03/10/2002) The rolling hills start taking on the characteristics of the Wasatch as we head south.

Another Hill CrestAnother Hill Crest (03/10/2002) A top another hill...we are gradually inching toward Ogden

I84...Northern WasatchI84...Northern Wasatch (03/10/2002) We can start seeing the northern peaks of the Wasatch Mountains.

WasatchWasatch (03/10/2002) The Norther Wasatch, near Brigham City.

Entering the ValleyEntering the Valley (03/10/2002) I84 joins i15 in the Salt Lake Valley, We will follow the front range past Brigham City, Ogden then into Salt Lake.

I84 / US89I84 / US89 (08/15/2004) Intersection of I84 and US 89 at Weber Canyon.

Weber CanyonWeber Canyon (08/15/2004) Overlooking Weber Canyon. I84 runs eastward through the Canyon to the canyon. I84 reunites with I80 in Echo, Utah.

Saw MillSaw Mill (03/07/2002) An exhibit of a mill on the La Grande rest stop.

Pendleton ValleyPendleton Valley (03/07/2002) A picture from the drop into Pendleton on I84

Pendleton PanoramaPendleton Panorama (03/07/2002) Tucked into the Umatilla gorge, travellers on I84 only catch a glimpse of the city as the free drops into town.

Twin Falls BridgeTwin Falls Bridge (03/10/2002) The walk way to the Twin Falls Bridge overview

Bridge SpanBridge Span (03/10/2002) As I recall, this is the Veterans Memorial Bridge. If you are visiting Twin Falls, you will want take the full loop and see both bridges spanning the canyon.

For Sale or LeaseFor Sale or Lease (03/10/2002) I wanted to stop and get a picture of the Northern Wasatch. The best vista I could find had a sign reminding us that it is for sale or lease.

Perrine Memorial BridgePerrine Memorial Bridge (03/10/2002) The first Perrine Memorial Bridge was open in 1927. It towered 475 feet above the Snake River Canyon, and was the highest bridge in existence at the time. The old bridge was replaced in 1974 with this new two lane bridge.

Rail Trail at I80Rail Trail at I80 (02/11/2008) The Union Pacific Rail Trail crosses Interstate 80 at Echo Junction.

Echo JunctionEcho Junction (02/11/2008) A Union Pacific trail is dwarfed by an outcropping of sandstone rock at Echo Junction.

Downtown EchoDowntown Echo (02/11/2008) This is downtown Echo, Utah.

56 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-56

Interstate 84

Interstate 84 is a primary transit route that runs diagonally through the Western States. The Interstate branches off of I5 in Portland, Oregon then runs westward through Northern Oregon along the Columbia River.

The road climbs out of the valley at Broadman then braves a series of mountain passes through the Blue Mountains.

The road then dips south through Le Grande and heads towards Boise and the Snake River Plane. Perhaps the most spectacular scene along the route is the deep Snake River Canyon and Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls Idaho.

One can also find spectacular scenes in the Sawtooth, Salmon and Lost River Mountains Running to the north of the Interstate.

The road branches East of Burley, Idaho. The main flow of traffic continues along the Snake River plane upward to Pocatello. I84 proper drops southward toward Utah. Both branches join I15.

On the way into Utah, I84 crosses in the Great Basin. The Central Feature of the Great Basin is the Salt Lake. About 15,000 years ago this lake was much larger and actually spilled over into the Snake River basin.

I84 joins I15 just north of Tremonton. I84 splits from I15 just south of Ogden, Utah and takes a route up along the Weber River. I84 eventually joins I80 at Echo Junction.

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Context: On the Road

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) I84 passes through the Northern Wasatch Range.

Pendleton, Oregon (80 pictures) Pendleton is located in north central Oregon.

Interstate 80 (98 pictures) I84 joins I80 in Utah.

Weber River (91 pictures) I84 follows the Weber River from Ogden to Echo Canyon.

Lake Bonneville Rest Stop (11 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from the Bonneville Rest Stop on I84 just north of the Utah/Idaho Border.

Ogden, Utah (176 pictures) This gallery shows images from Ogden, Utah.

Interstate 15 (87 pictures) This gallery shows pictures along Interstate 5.

Boise River (26 pictures) I84 crosses the boise river in Caldwell, Idaho.

Boise, Idaho (22 pictures) Boise, the Capital of Idaho, is the largest city on I84 between Salt Lake and Portland.


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