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Union StationUnion Station (03/14/2007) The Union Station Building viewed from the EnergySolutions Arena steps.

Dicks Sporting GoodsDicks Sporting Goods (03/14/2007) Gaylan's recently converted to a Dicks Sporting Goods.

Flying BuffaloFlying Buffalo (01/30/2001) A flying buffalo in the Gateway Project waits for Olympic throngs.

Gateway ConstructionGateway Construction (03/14/2007)

Green Jello BuffaloGreen Jello Buffalo (01/30/2001) A neon green buffalo statue in the Gateway project.

Delta CenterDelta Center (02/12/2001) The Delta Center surrounded by Olympic madness, viewed from the Gateway plaza.

Gateway MegaplexGateway Megaplex (02/12/2001) The Gateway Megaplex Theatre in the Gateway Plaza.

Main MallMain Mall (02/12/2001) The main mall in the Gateway Plaza.

Megaplex TowerMegaplex Tower (02/12/2001) The Megaplex Tower in the Gateway Center.

Main MallMain Mall (02/12/2001) Looking North up the Main Mall of the Gateway.

GlobeGlobe (02/12/2001) A decoration at the Gateway Plaza

Upper LevelUpper Level (02/12/2001) The upper shopping level at plaza.

North EndNorth End (02/12/2001) You can see the two levels and Union Pacific tower from the plaza.

Barnes and NobleBarnes and Noble (02/12/2001) The new Barnes and Noble Tower contrasts against the stately Union Pacific Building.

Go For the GoldGo For the Gold (02/12/2001) A "Go For the Gold" statue in the central plaza. There was an identicle statue at the University.

Upper CourtyardUpper Courtyard (02/12/2001) This upper courtyard with sand stone blocks and statues makes for a good afternoon meeting place.

Gateway TowerGateway Tower (02/12/2001) The plaza contains several of these towers to provide a height element to plaza.

Declaration of IndependenceDeclaration of Independence (02/12/2001) The Declaration of Independence travelled through town for the Olympics. This statue commenorates the event.

Wild Horse FountainWild Horse Fountain (02/12/2001) A nice detail in the upper plaza.

Union Train StationUnion Train Station (02/12/2001) The old train station was incorpated into the gateway structure.

118 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-118

The Gateway Plaza

The Gateway Plaza is a new mixed use shopping district on the west end of Salt Lake. The plaza was built by the Boyer Company and was opened just prior to the 2002 Olympics and continues to draw crowds to downtown Salt Lake City.

Stores at the Gateway:

For a complete list of stores, you can visit the Boyer Company's web site. See the Salt Lake Gateway Calendar for community events.

Context: Places

UTA Trax (156 pictures) The Gateway Plaza is at the last stop (The Delta Center) of the trax system. Both the Sandy and main University lines terminate at this station.

Salt Lake City (456 pictures) The Gateway Plaza is on the west end of downtown Salt Lake City.

2002 SLC Games (64 pictures) The mall was completed just before the Olympics and was a site of many festivities

Saint Patrick s Day Parade (97 pictures) The 2003 Salt Lake City Saint Patrick's Day Parade was held in the Gateway Plaza. This was a great idea, since it created two levels of viewing area for the the Parade.

Salt Lake West Side (43 pictures) The Gateway Mall is on the west side of Salt Lake.

South Temple (208 pictures) Take a walk along South Temple.

Trolley Square (32 pictures) Trolley Square is a shopping district on the East Side of Salt Lake City.

Jordan Landing (35 pictures) Pictures of the Jordan Landing Shopping District (also developed by Boyer Company).

City Creek Shopping Center (122 pictures) The City Creek Center (completed 2012) is a new shopping center in downtown Salt Lake.


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