South Salt Lake

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Into South Salt LakeInto South Salt Lake (12/16/2008) This picture shows 3900 South from the Trax Station with the mouth of Millcreek Canyon highlighted in the distance.

South Salt LakeSouth Salt Lake (08/22/2009) City Hall of South Salt Lake in 2009.

220 East Morris Avenue220 East Morris Avenue (08/22/2009) The City Hall for South Salt Lake is at 220 East Morris Avenue.

City HallCity Hall (08/22/2009) City Hall of South Salt Lake City in 2009.

South Salt LakeSouth Salt Lake (08/22/2009) City Hall in South Salt Lake.

i80 under constructioni80 under construction (08/22/2009) Cranes work expanding I80 in 2009

South Salt LakeSouth Salt Lake (08/22/2009) City Hall in South Salt Lake in 2009

I80 WallI80 Wall (08/22/2009) The Freeway sound wall at the South Salt Lake City Hall.

Morris Murdock TravelMorris Murdock Travel (08/22/2009) Morris Murdock Travel is located in the same complex as South Salt Lake City Hall. It is very convenient when the city council needs to get out of the country. QUICK!

i80 Frontage Roadi80 Frontage Road (08/22/2009) A soundwall protects the frontage road in front of South Salt Lake City Hall.

South Salt Lake Mini ParkSouth Salt Lake Mini Park (08/22/2009) A mini park next to the freeway in South Salt Lake.

Bridge ConstructionBridge Construction (08/22/2009) Utah expanded the freeway bridges through South Salt Lake in 2009.

1-12 Pictures

South Salt Lake

This gallery shows pictures of the town of South Salt Lake which is just South of I80 in the Salt Lake Valley.

The City of South Salt Lake has been seeking to annex Millcreek Township. In which case, the city plans to change its name to Millcreek.

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Salt Lake City (439 pictures) Salt Lake City is due North.

Millcreek Township (81 pictures) There is a movement to merge South Salt Lake and Millcreek Township into a new Millcreek City.

3900 South (69 pictures) 3900 South Runs East-West through South Salt Lake.

State Street-Salt Lake City (255 pictures) State Stree runs North South through the City of South Salt Lake.

Murray, Utah (132 pictures) murray is to the south of South Salt Lake.

Salt Lake City - Southside (41 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from the South Side of Salt Lake City.


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