Olympus High School

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West SideWest Side (08/25/2013) The west side of Olympus High School in Hollday, Utah.

School ReconstructedSchool Reconstructed (08/25/2013) A view of the new Olympus High School on 2300 South in Salt Lake City.

LDS BuildingLDS Building (08/25/2013) Olympus High School is sandwiched between two LDS buildings. This one is on the West Side

Sign of Things to ComeSign of Things to Come (08/25/2013) Installation of the sign for the new Olympus High School.

Main EntranceMain Entrance (08/25/2013) The Main Entrance of Olympus High School faces 2300 East in Hollday.

Northern WingNorthern Wing (08/25/2013) The Northern Wing of Olympus High School includes a performing arts complex.

Performing ArtsPerforming Arts (08/25/2013) This is the northern wing of the new Olympus High School viewed from the corner of 3900 South 2300 East.

Olympus FramedOlympus Framed (08/25/2013) Olympus High School viewed from 3900 South with Mount Olympus peering over the corner of the building on the left.

Mount OlympusMount Olympus (08/25/2013) Olympus High School is named for Mount Olympus; So, I would be remiss in my duties if I failed to include an image of this grand escarpment looking over the North wing of the school.

Performing Arts ComplexPerforming Arts Complex (08/25/2013) A side view of the Performing Arts complex.

East SideEast Side (08/25/2013) There is faculty parking on the East Side of the school.

East SideEast Side (08/25/2013) The East Side of Olympus High School is nondescript yet functional.

Home of the TitansHome of the Titans (08/25/2013) Olympus High School is home of the Titans. The gate to the new stadium was locked; so I was not able to get a good shot. The home team has a great view of Mount Olympus from the stadium.

Titan StadiumTitan Stadium (08/25/2013) The stadium was locked show I took a shot of the rear side of the grand stand.

Terror on the HighwayTerror on the Highway (08/25/2013) A car used by the student driver program sits in parking lot of the school. If you see one of these headed your way...it is best to get off the sidewalk and head for cover!

East EntranceEast Entrance (08/25/2013) The East Entrance to Olympus High School provides access to the stadium.

3900 South3900 South (08/25/2013) I ran out into the middle of 3900 South at about 2350 East as the road heads toward the Wasatch Mountains.

Olympus StakehouseOlympus Stakehouse (08/25/2013) Olympus High School is sandwiched between two LDS church buildings. There usually is just one building per school. Perhaps the students at Olympus are especially troublesome. This is the one on the East.

2013 Construction2013 Construction (08/25/2013) Olympus High School is undergoing major reconstruction in 2013

Retaining WallRetaining Wall (08/25/2013) There is a new retaining wall on the South Side of Olympus High School along Lincoln Lane.

34 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-34

Olympus High School

Kids are heading back to school; So I thought I would drive into town and take pictures of a Salt Lake High School.

In 2009, voters in the Granite School District approved a $256 bond for school upgrades. $65M was ear marked for the Olympus High School on the corner of 3900 South and 2300 East.

The original school was completed in 1953 for a projected 1500 students. The school's first class was 1028 students. The current construction will up the total to 1700 and make the structure to current earthquake standards. It's current enrollment is 1560 students.

To my chagrin, I discovered that I do not have any photos of the old building which had an intriguing entry way.

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