Olympus Junior High

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Holladay FireHolladay Fire (04/05/2013) The new fire house in Holladay, Utah.

Holladay LibraryHolladay Library (04/05/2013) The Holladay Public Library viewed from Olympus Junior High School.

Olympus Junior HighOlympus Junior High (04/05/2013) This picture shows the grand wast entrance of Olympus Junior High in Holladay, Utah

Secret PathSecret Path (04/05/2013) A pedestrian path connects the Junior High with neighborhood streets.

Holladay Public LibaryHolladay Public Libary (04/05/2013) I needed tax forms, so it's off to the Holladay Public Library.

Tree HouseTree House (04/05/2013) A tree house in a yard adjacent to the junior high.

Playing FieldPlaying Field (04/05/2013) Olympus Junior High has a substantial playing field to the East of the campus.

Olympus Junior HighOlympus Junior High (04/05/2013) The picture shows the Northeast corner of Olympus Junior High from the parking lot.

Mount OlympusMount Olympus (04/05/2013) This picture from across the Olympus Junior High School field shows an LDS Seminary building and Mount Olympus (the school's namesake). There is an LDS seminary next to most schools in Utah.

East EntranceEast Entrance (04/05/2013) The East Entrance of Olympus Junior High brings students to an outdoor classroom.

Outdoor ClassroomOutdoor Classroom (04/05/2013) Olympus Junior High has an outdoor classroom with a small garden path, walkway and pavilion.

Olympus Junior HighOlympus Junior High (04/05/2013) A view of the west entrance to Olympus Junior High School.

Outdoor ClassroomOutdoor Classroom (04/05/2013) The outdoor classroom at Olympus Junior High includes walking paths, a fun pedestrian bridge and amphitheater for presentations.

Southern ExposureSouthern Exposure (04/05/2013) A view of Olympus Junior High from Murray Holladay Boulevard.

Olympus Junior HighOlympus Junior High (04/05/2013) This view shows Olympus Junior High from Holladay Boulevard.

Dafodils in BloomDafodils in Bloom (04/05/2013) Flowers bloom at the Outdoor Classroom at Olympus Junior High.

AmphitheaterAmphitheater (04/05/2013) A covered amphitheather sits in the center of the Outdoor Classroom at Olympus Junior High.

West EntranceWest Entrance (04/05/2013) The West Entrance reflects the clouds over Holladay. This is probably a pretty scene at sunset.

West SideWest Side (04/05/2013) The west side of Olympus Junior High.

Northwest CornerNorthwest Corner (04/05/2013) A view of the Northwest corner of the building from the parking lot.

OlympusOlympus (04/05/2013) Olympus Junior High is named for Utah's Mount Olympus, seen in the distance.

Holladay Fire HouseHolladay Fire House (04/05/2013) Not to be outdone by Mill Creek, the town of Holladay is building a new fire mansion on Murray Holladay Boulevard.

1-22 Pictures

I needed to get some tax forms. The Post Office no longer carries such forms; So, I ended up at the Holladay Library.

After grabbing the forms, I decided to take a walk across the street to photograph the new Olympus Junior High and Holladay Fire Station. Well, it looks like people are spending tax dollars at fast rate.

I would complain about taxes, but the economy is so bad I no longer make enough money to pay taxes.

Olympus Junior High is located at 2217 East Holladay Boulevard. The school has a really nice outdoor classroom with an amphitheater, walkways and footbridge.

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Churchill Junior High School (49 pictures) Churchill Junior High serves a neighborhood to the Northeast of Olympus

Mount Olympus (136 pictures) Olympus Junior High is named after Mount Olympus.

Holladay, Utah (174 pictures) Olympus Junior High is in the heart of Holladay, Utah.

Olympus High School (34 pictures) Olympus High School is on the corner of 2300 East 3900 South on the border of Holladay and Mill Creek Township.


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