Zion National Park

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Zion National Park

Zion National Park in Southern Utah provides a spectacular layering of desert scenery. The park is on the western edge of the Colorado Plateau. The main sections of the park presents towers of Navajo sandstone. To the west lies the beginning of the Mojave formations that dominate Nevada and stretch into Southern California.

The Park features several climate Zones. You will find hanging gardens on the canyon walls, desert marshes along the sides of the Virgin River, an abundance of cactus, junipers and other desert fixtures along the sandy desert hills and aspen atop the mountains above the canyon's rim.

The Park was first established as Mukuntuweap Monument in 1909, and renamed to Zion National Monument in 1918 and declared a national park in 1919.

Geologically speaking, the rock in the canyon is quite young. The main features of Zion Canyon are the Navajo Sandstone that form the towering cliffs of the canyon and the and Kayenta Shale at the base of the canyon. The Navajo Sandstone was formed by deep drifting sand dunes. If you examine the detail in the rock up close, you can see the patterns of the dunes.

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