Salt Lake West Side

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The west side of Salt Lake City is an up and coming area. Just prior to the Olympics, the city diverted the railroad and there has been a great deal of work to renovate the area. The west side has a great deal in its favor. It is closer to the freeway, it is easily accessible by Trax. The new Gateway Plaza and Delta Center attract a great deal of foot traffic in the area.

Many new Salt Lake Clubs have located on the west side, including the Orbit Cafe and Club Brick. Eclectic shops and art galleries like the area as well.

The west side is so successful that Main Street is feeling the pinch. The great controversy for 2003 is the desire of Nordstroms to move out of the Crossroads Plaza on Main Street and into the Gateway area.

The second great controversy revolves around interest in moving Salt Lake's homeless shelters and volunteer service community. As the land gentrifies, the power politics has a tendency to push the less fortunate out.


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