Parley s Crossing

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Parley's Crossing

Parley's Crossing is a section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. This trail runs 90 miles along the Lake Bonneville benches from Ogden to Mount Nebo (south of Provo.)

This section of the trail crosses Interstate 80 at the mouth of Parley's Canyon in the Salt Lake Valley. The area includes roadside parks and the infamous Suicide Rock. The crossing allows cyclists and pedestrians to cross from Wasatch Boulevard to Foothill Drive. Prior to the construction of the Crossing, cyclists would have to go several miles and a few hundred vertical feet out of their way to cross the freeway at 1700 East. This section of trail opens up the East Side of Salt Lake to cyclists.

Suicide Rock is a small outcropping of rock in the canyon. The rock is viewable from the belt route. Local grafitti artists have painted the rock.

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