Salt Palace Convention Center

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Salt Palace

This gallery shows photos of the Salt Palace convention center in Salt Lake City. The Salt Palace is the primary covention center for the Salt Lake Valley.

The first Salt Palace was designed by Richard Kletting and built in 1899. The structure stood at 900 South State. It burned down in 1910 (Wikipedia, events).

The Second Salt Palace was a big round arena built in 1969. This building was a big round arena that served as home for the Utah Stars (a team in the ABA) and was home to the Salt Lake Golden Eagles hockey team. The Salt Palace Arena was demolished in 1994 and was replaced by the Delta Center at which time the Salt Palace was converted into a dedicated convention center. The Salt Palace served as the media center for the 2002 Winter Games.

From 2005 to 2006, the Salt Palace underwent a major expansion which increased the size of the facilities to 515,000 square feet of exhibition hall and 164,000 square feet of meeting rooms and ballroom space.

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