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Social Media Club - SLC 2013

On May 30th, 2013 I crashed the 7th Birthday Bash held by Social Media Club of Salt Lake City. The meeting took place at the brand spanking new Microsoft Store in the City Creek Center. The event included free pizza given by Pole Vault Media.

The Social Media Club is an international organization for people who are actively engaged in advancing social media.

I crashed the club under the auspices that Community Color is a directory thousands of links to local entities in the Salt Lake Valley which is theoretically advancing awareness of the local community.

During the meeting I snarfed down three pieces of free pizza. I quaffed a free bottle of water, ate several girl scout cookies while passing out business cards hoping that it will increase traffic to my site. If that wasn't enough, the group gave me a bag with a brand new coffee mug. I was pleased to get the mug because I broke my last coffee mug.

Microsoft Store

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