Scenic Route 75

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Scenic Route 75 runs from Twin Falls (on I84) through Central Idaho. The road works starts in the less than scenic Snake River Plain. This is an area dominated by great ancient lava flows. You can visit several lava caves along the road including Shosone and the Idaho Mammoth Cave.

The route then works its way into the mountains of central Idaho. You pass the towns of Hailey and Ketchem (where the rich folk live), and of course, the famed Sun Valley Resort.

The upper Sun Valley canyon starts turning into a heavily used, but relatively pristine upper Sun Valley area. This is a favorite spot for Cross Country skiers and snow mobiles. Finally the road winds its way to the top of Galena Summit. This area boast several peaks in the 10+ feet.

At Galena Summit, you leave behind the Big Wood River, and fall into the domain of the Salmon River. Shortly after the summit, you get your first view of the Sawtooth Range.

The trek from Galena summit to Stanley is dominated by the majestic Sawtooth mountains. On 9/11/2001...I was camping in these mountains, blissfully ignorant of the world. The best time to photograph the Sawtooth is during the early morning, when the sun shines from the east. So you should plan at least one night in the valley.

From Stanley, s75 follows the Salmon River to Challis Idaho, where the road terminates at the junction with u93.

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